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Procuring Medicinal Supply Chains Against COVID-19: A Study by Benjamin Gordon Palm Beach

With each new variant of COVID-19 in the market, countries struggle to maintain their medical sector and keep it going. As new and new variant keeps on emerging, the global pandemic appears to be in for a longer period. This led to stretch the countries supply chains of medicines under the weather and are vulnerable. Most countries in the world are finding it hard to survive. Most of the countries are relying on other nations for treatments that are lifesaving and different mitigating materials for covid. To talk simply, the countries are required to procure medical supply chains as this could lead to an increase in the creation of jobs and allow nations to respond better in upcoming covid situations and other upcoming pandemics.

Benjamin Gordon Palm Beach analysis of fewer medical supply chains

The countries can maintain their supply chains of medicines by coming up with various policies that strive to work in defeating the pandemics and maintain the country’s economy as well. They can do that by creating policies keeping in mind the welfare of small-scale medical businesses in pharmaceutical corporations.

Thus, allowing the patients to reach desired hospitals and to gain desired treatment. The best example of such policy is the ‘Securing America’s Medicine and Supply’ venture. This venture increases the resilience of nations’ inbuilt supply chains while also maintaining relations with different corporations.

Other countries can also follow the different solutions adopted by the United States in tackling the medical supply chain problems. One such solution adopted by the United States is their 100 day supply chain review. Other policies also help to encourage small business manufacturers by mode of tax credits and various monetary incentives. But at this current stage, corporations and businesses require more than that. They need policies to help them in their long-term goals and viability.


How BARDA is helping is regulating the supply chain of pharmaceuticals

Different agencies help the countries maintain such pharmaceutical supply chains are Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA). This research authority has helped the institutions effectively tackle and respond to this pandemic by engaging research into private industry. This acts as a central point of the United States research and innovation and will help grow the nation’s pharmaceutical sector. The innovation agency is also one of the logical agencies to oversee the research and development and various commercialization ventures. This area has low funds, thus lacking it in various departments to grow.


With the help of the above findings, we can conclude that to overcome the pandemic and procure medical supply chains, the government has to work on its policies and increase funds in the research and development sector. After everything, it all comes back to the country’s government and how they tackle such prevailing issues of a pandemic. As suggested by Benjamin Gordon Palm Beach if they enact good policies favoring small businesses, they could easily create jobs and produce the best medicines and treatments for the world at large by maintaining their supply chains.

Zaraki Kenpachi