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Why is healthcare in demand nowadays?

A healthy lifestyle is a priority of almost every individual nowadays. After the outbreak of coronavirus disease, people have started visiting doctors on a very regular basis. The urge to keep a check on their health has been a reason behind the massive demand for the ‘medicine and pharma’ sector. Today, the healthcare industry has become one of the fastest and largest growing industries around the world. After witnessing the velocity of development in the healthcare sector, the Government of India has decided to increase the spending on public health to 2.5 percent of the country’s GDP in the coming five years. Therefore, it is the best time for science  students to make a career in health sciences.

Growth of India in the healthcare sector

India is known for offering health facilities to people at a low cost. Patients worldwide come to India to get the best treatment and medicines at a very reasonable price. According to a report published by the Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) in January 2024, India ranked tenth in the Asia-Pacific Personalised Health Index and ranked eleventh in health services.

At the same time, India ranked ninth in the under personalised technologies indicator and fifth in the policy context indicator. The factors behind India’s growth in the healthcare sector remain the expertise in data, services, infrastructure, and advanced technologies, the report suggests.

Furthermore, India stands at forty-second rank among 195 countries with 66.25 on the healthcare index, a report published by the Numbeo in 2024 said.

According to the IBEF report, India is the largest supplier of generic medicines worldwide. India’s pharmaceutical industry caters to over 50 percent of international demand for numerous vaccines.

A career in the healthcare sector in India

Healthcare is a vast industry that comprises hospitals, doctors, researchers, medicines, medical devices and equipment, medical insurance and medical tourism, among others. India has secured an imperative position in the healthcare sector globally. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, India has set a benchmark for other countries by supplying drugs and vaccines worldwide in an adequate amount. This has presented a need for experts and experienced professionals in the industry who are capable of meeting growing demand.

Therefore, a science student can make a lucrative career in the healthcare domain by opting for a health science programme from a leading university of Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

The course will make you future-ready by providing clinical and community exposure. So, apply for the course today!

Zaraki Kenpachi