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Top Procedures That General Dentists Perform

Visiting your dentist may seem unnecessary or boring. However, dental health is crucial in promoting general welfare since oral infections can lead to health complications like cardiovascular disease. To maintain oral health, numerous people are embracing general dentistry San Leandro, CA, at an alarming rate. General dentistry comprises several services to address common issues you may have with your oral wellbeing and the appearance of your smile. If you are curious about the services general dentists offer, here are the top procedures they perform.

Dental Crowns

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Dental crowns are responsible for repairing teeth that have been severely damaged because of decay or injury. Usually, crowns are the only option for saving a damaged tooth from extraction. You can also receive them if you need to correct cosmetic imperfections. It only requires two dentist appointments for the procedure to be over since most crowns have to be manufactured in a dental laboratory. Various general dentists can make the crowns independently, making it possible for them to be placed in a single day.


This procedure is ideal for repairing decayed, fractured, discolored, or chipped teeth or minimizing the gap between teeth. Your general dentist mixes a composite resin into a paste. Afterward, he or she tints the mixture to whiten your teeth. Alternatively, bonding can be applied to build up older teeth to make them look younger. The procedure can be used by all people, from children to adults.

Tooth Extractions

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When your tooth is severely damaged, and your general dentist cannot save it, an extraction is the only remaining option. Moreover, if the affected tooth attempts to push past the gum but does not succeed, it is also removed. Alternatively, your wisdom tooth can be extracted if it is causing pain. If your tooth is leading to troubles under the gum, your dentist will remove it with minor surgery.

Root Canals

Earlier, if you had diseased teeth, the only solution was to remove them. Today, your general dentist can save diseased teeth via root canal therapy. Whenever your tooth is crooked or decayed, it is essential to open it and clean out the middle area of the infected tissue. Afterward, the general dentist fills and seals the opening. A root canal is crucial in preventing the tooth from drifting out of line keeping your tooth safe from jaw problems.


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Dental fillings may be one of the best solutions if you are struggling with tooth decay or cavities. Moreover, your general dentist can use them if you have fractured teeth. With your dentist’s assistance, you can choose the filling you prefer: gold, porcelain, silver, or dental resin.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the best and most permanent treatment if you wish to replace real teeth. Dental implants are placed in slight oral surgery to insert the implant into your jawbone. Even though the process takes some months to complete, implant placement will give you permanent artificial teeth.

Also, if you are suffring from the dental problem and plannig to do a dental implant first confirm the dental implants cost.

A general dentist can solve all oral problems, including decayed, crooked, and fractured teeth. If you cannot secure one, worry no more because Elena Davidson, DDS of Davidson Dental Group, can help you. The general dentist offers all-inclusive care for all people using leading-edge procedures in her office in Leandro, California. Visit or call the office today to mark the end of your dental concerns.

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