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Tell Tale Signs That You Should Look for a Foot and Ankle Surgeon

Foot and ankle surgeons are medical professionals who specialize in diagnosing, treating, and preventing injuries to the feet, legs, ankles, and toes. In addition to responding to emergency cases of foot problems, your foot and ankle surgeon Alamo Heights offer preventative services like annual check-ups for anyone concerned about their foot health.

Foot and ankle surgeons are also equipped with the experience necessary to address issues affecting your feet or ankles, from bunions to ingrown nails to fractures. They have the tools necessary to heal your injury in the short term while also recommending solutions that will help you avoid similar problems in the future.

Here are signs that you should look for a foot and ankle surgeon

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Your pain is getting worse: If your pain has been building up over time and it is now reaching a level where it is too much to handle, that is a sign that your injury is severe enough to warrant professional help. The sooner you get treatment, the better your chances are of healing properly.

If your toes have turned blue: This could be a sign that you need to call a foot and ankle surgeon. If you are unsure whether your toes are turning blue because of circulation issues or want to make sure it is nothing more serious, it’s best to talk with a professional. Surgery can help relieve the pain you might be experiencing and prevent it from worsening.

Swelling of the legs: Swelling of the legs can cause pain and discomfort in the ankles, making movement difficult. If there is swelling in the ankles, it is crucial to find a surgeon to diagnose and treat the injury properly.

Pain while walking or standing on toes: Pain while walking or standing on toes may indicate a fracture in the bone or strain in the muscles and ligaments in the feet or ankles. It is important to see a physician who can perform an examination to determine if surgery will be necessary to repair any damage done to the foot or ankle bones.

Pain that lasts longer than three months after an injury is sustained: If pain in the foot or ankle does not go away after more than three months, this could be due to arthritis, which will need to be treated by a professional foot and ankle surgeon.

The inability to bend your ankle up toward your knee without feeling pain: This condition may indicate that arthritis has set into your joints and that surgery may be necessary to help alleviate pain caused by this condition.

What is the best treatment for foot and ankle problems?

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Treatment options for foot and ankle problems include resting, taking anti-inflammatory medications, wearing a walking boot/cast for severe cases, physical therapy, and surgery, depending on the severity of your case. Although surgery has risks and complications, there are also many benefits to having surgery performed by a foot and ankle surgeon. Such a doctor has completed special training that enables them to perform minimally invasive surgeries.

When it comes to your health, it is crucial to rely on an experienced foot and ankle surgeon. Foot and ankle surgeons have the training, experience, and knowledge to diagnose, evaluate and treat any foot or ankle condition safely and effectively. You can find a qualified foot and ankle surgeons from Sports Medicine Associates.

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