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Eliminate The Gaps In Your Smile With Dentures

Missing or severely decayed teeth can significantly affect your smile and self-confidence. Some people may refrain from smiling in public to avoid embarrassment. Dr. Taylor’s Family Dental Center team offers dentures Waterford to replace missing teeth and eliminate the gaps in your smile to restore your confidence. Dentures are natural-looking and are hardly noticeable.

The available types of dentures

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A denture refers to an artificial, removable tooth for a missing tooth. They are often nylon, acrylic resin, or certain metals. You are also likely to benefit from dentures if you have one or several missing teeth. There are several forms of dentures, including:

  • Complete dentures

There are two forms of complete dentures: immediate and conventional. Your provider may create custom conventional dentures after tooth extraction and when your gums start healing. You can start using them 8-12 weeks after the extraction. On the other hand, your provider designs immediate dentures before tooth extraction, and you can start using them immediately without waiting for your gums to heal.

  • Partial dentures

A partial bridge or denture consists of replacement teeth attached to a gum-colored plastic base to resemble your natural teeth. You may benefit from partial dentures if you have one or more teeth remaining on your lower or upper jaw. In addition to eliminating the gaps in your smile, they prevent the remaining teeth from shifting out of place.

  • Overdentures

Overdentures can fit over dental implants or missing teeth, restoring your smile aesthetics.

What to expect during the placement of dentures

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Placing dentures is a procedure that requires several appointments, and so it may take about a month to complete the entire process. The procedure requires years of experience and skill to deliver the desired results. Dr. Taylor’s Family Dental Center is famous for offering high-quality dental services, including the placement of dentures. The first step involves removing the severely decayed or damaged tooth from your mouth.

In most cases, the team allows your gums to heal before taking digital scans of your mouth to make custom dentures. The impressions help design dentures that fit snugly into the missing tooth socket. During your next visit, your doctor may offer “try-in” dentures to determine if the color and fit are right for you. During your final appointment, the team attaches the final custom-made dentures.

Tips for caring for your dentures

Dentures usually last approximately 5-7 years before replacement or adjustment. You increase the durability of your dentures by brushing and rinsing them after taking them off to remove plaque. It would be best if you also meticulously clean your gums after meals before wearing the dentures. Most people with dentures experience receding gum and bone loss, resulting in ill-fitting dentures over time. To prevent that, your doctor may schedule several regular dental exams to evaluate the fit of your dentures and replace or adjust them if necessary. Loose-fitting dentures can also cause you to slur or mumble your words when speaking. Call Dr. Taylor’s Family Dental Center or book your spot online to explore more about dentures.

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