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Top Dental Bridges Advantages

How practical is your dental care regimen? You brush and floss twice daily or after every meal; that’s a great start. You also include routine dental visits in your schedule, ensuring you catch and treat any problem that may arise. Such a regimen helps maintain a dazzling and healthy smile easier. In certain instances, you might still lose a tooth, such as in case of trauma. Your dentist may recommend dental bridge Riverdale in such situations.

As the name suggests, dental bridges fill (bridges) the gap, meaning you will appear to have all your teeth intact and healthy. A false tooth is placed in the gap. It is anchored with crowns to your teeth or implants on both sides. So, why consider dental bridges instead of letting the gap take its course? Here are among the benefits you stand to realize.

Dental health

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The gap left by the missing tooth impacts your oral health in more ways than you might anticipate. First, the other teeth start to drift towards the gap, which worsens due to the uneven force distribution when chewing. As they drift, they become loose, which exposes you to increased chances of losing more. Besides falling off, as your teeth are loose, they create spaces that are hard to reach as you brush and floss.

The second concern is the gap and more space created by shifting and loose teeth. It provides bacteria with an optimum environment to multiply. Plaque buildup in such gaps is common since you will hardly clean the spaces even with practical brushing and flossing routine. Even with antibacterial mouthwash, you will still leave enough germs in place. This increases the chances of dental problems, including gum disease.

Dental bridges fill the gap, keeping your teeth in place and ensuring there is no gap for germs to accumulate. You will also have an easier time maintaining your oral hygiene, helping avoid dental health problems.

Better chewing

After losing a tooth, you may experience chewing difficulties. Pain is a common issue mainly due to shifting of the teeth under the uneven force distribution. Moreover, food particles can easily be trapped in the sockets left after losing a tooth. Besides the pain, such trapped particles contribute to gum damage, further impacting your dental functionality. Eating your favorite meals should not always be a painful experience. Dental bridges make chewing more comfortable since the gap is filled, facilitating even force distribution.


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Losing a tooth may affect your smile. You can lose your bright smile, especially in public. Besides the smile, you can also start to notice premature aging signs. This is due to jawbone deterioration since it is not stimulated to keep it healthy. As the bone deteriorates, your facial structure is impacted, hence the aging signs. Dental bridges help maintain your smile, especially since people can’t tell if you have them or natural teeth unless you volunteer the information. As you also avoid jawbone deterioration, you won’t have to worry about further tooth loss or facial collapse, making it easier to maintain your facial shape.


A dazzling smile gives you confidence, but that’s not all you get with dental bridges. Filling the gap improves your speech. This is a significant check since speech impairment after losing a tooth can affect your social life.

Dental bridges are an ideal solution that helps restore your smile, looks, and functionality. Visit Riverdale Dental Arts to learn if you are a good candidate for dental bridges.

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