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Brothels reopen in Nevada; California restrictions ease

Gov. Steve Sisolak has said he expects all businesses to be reopened at 100% capacity by June 1.

Legal sex workers returning to the workplace for the first time in more than a year are adjusting to safety measures such as masks and temperature checks. Many workers at the brothels, which are banned in several counties including Las Vegas, are even encouraging clients to return by offering deals on their services.

Kiki Lover, who said she prefers to go by her stage name, works at the Sagebrush Ranch east of Carson City. She is offering a discount to clients who visit her this week.

“I’m so excited to get back to work and want people to be excited about returning, too,” she said.

Sex workers having to wear masks at all times except when taking clients into their private rooms. Alice Little, a legal sex worker who will be working at the Chicken Ranch in Pahrump, says she is ready to get back to work even with changes.

“The changes are understandable and if there’s anything we can be, it’s flexible,” Little said. “A little bit of compromise is something that we’re not afraid of.”







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