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8 Covid-19 patients, including senior doctor

he doctor who died has been identified as RK Himthani, the head of the gastroenterology department, he added.

Hospital officials told the Delhi High Court, which is hearing on a medical crisis triggered by a devastating second wave of Covid-19 infections, that around 230 people had been without oxygen for more than an hour, reports our New Delhi correspondent.


In today’s hearing, the High Court took note of the eight deaths in Batra Hospital due to lack of oxygen supply and told the Indian government that “enough is enough” and directed the latter to supply 490 tonnes of allocated oxygen to Delhi today or face contempt of court.

The Delhi government has maintained that the city is not getting its allocated quantity of the life-saving gas.

On April 24, Batra Hospital in the national capital’s Tughlakabad Institutional Area had received an emergency oxygen supply from the Delhi government moments after it had exhausted its stock.


Zaraki Kenpachi