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Online Poker in India is Starting to Boom in Popularity

A game to crave for – online poker – has witnessed a boom and won the hearts of many in India. Gambling enthusiasts have embraced it as a lucrative venture. 

With the rapid growth of technology with the boom of 4G in India, most Indians now have access to smartphones that aid in online gambling. Many gambling games are available to play, but these games cannot surpass the popularity of online poker among Indians. This is true with the emergence of online casinos like Parimatch, where millions connect to play this game daily.

Reasons for the popularity of online poker

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India has enjoyed poker for over 200 years. However, its recent growth in popularity is overwhelming. Keen observations were made regarding the popularity of poker in India. The following reasons can be attributed to its popularity.

  1. Availability of trimmed versions of online poker.

There are plenty of applications where one can play online poker. With thousands of players scrambling everyday to play poker on their devices, people have an ultimate love for poker. The downloads of these apps are extremely high.

  1. Easy sign-up process and investment of funds.

The easy registration process has encouraged more people to play poker.

Creating an account is just a few minutes of work. Depositing and withdrawing money from these accounts is only a click away. You can even use UPI, debit/credit cards, and net banking to deposit funds within minutes.

With protection through SSL and usage of trusted third-party payment gateways, the credibility of these gambling sites is boosted, creating trust among customers.

  1. 24/7 availability of games for players for hourly and daily tournaments.

There’s no need to go to casinos. You can do it from the comfort of your home, anytime and anywhere. Furthermore, online poker is friendly for beginners. You can start small and learn your way up in no time. With the growth of online casinos, this availability of players becomes easy and bonuses attract players to stake money for wins.

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  1. Entertainment packaged in your mobile device.

Poker is meant to be a game packaged with fun. It is a game in which you can not only have fun but also earn money. Tired of waiting for players to join? With traffic of millions of users from India, that wait becomes non-existent for a match!

  1. You can play professional online poker.

Passionate about playing with high stakes? You can put in thousands of rupees and play poker at high stakes and make more money. Master the skills of this game: you have to embrace, learn, and play daily to sharpen your skills.

  1. The emergence of tournaments and jackpots promotes online poker.

There has been a massive surge of gambling platforms, increasing the popularity of online poker. As thousands of people chip in, it’s a competition of who will win a significant part of the pie. Jackpot, free spins, and bonuses are a way to attract customers.

For example, all Parimatch new users enjoy welcome bonuses once they create an account. Ensure you use them well.

What are the causes of the boom?

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  1. More than 1.4 billion population

Everyone wants to try their luck in making money. This has prompted companies to invest in poker to entice India’s millions of online gamblers.

India has become one of the fastest-growing markets for gambling online With millions of users joining poker servers every day, the growth of poker in India has spiraled to a huge extent.

  1. The COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic played a considerable part in the growth of online casinos. As physical casinos closed, the surge of people online played a significant role in the development of such online casinos. Gamblers found solace online. They were able to play online from the comfort of their homes.

  1. Exciting offers and promotional deals

Online casinos, especially Parimatch, offer exciting and irresistible promotional deals. Many sites offer loyalty programs to attract users to their platform.

  1. Training is easier than ever

Several betting sites have detailed training regarding the game of poker. However, practice makes a person better, and playing is the only way to improve this game.

Helpful tips when gambling online

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  1. Start small

Bet on low-stakes poker when starting your career.

This helps you familiarize yourself with the poker room and opponents. This tip ensures that you don’t place bets and lose money due to a lack of knowledge.

  1. Play one table at the beginning

If you’re a newbie, trying multi-tabling is truly gambling your money away. Instead, play one table only and learn the tricks to beat your opponents.

If you find consistent success at a single table, you can gradually increase your number of tables.

  1. Set targets and accomplish them

Set your goals straight and concentrate on them to achieve results. This is necessary to avoid losing money quickly and easily to your opponents.

Focus is necessary to play the game of poker. Avoid watching television, surfing the internet, and visiting the kitchen while playing poker. You’ll lose!

  1. Invest in a training program

Poker strategy videos are in abundance. You can watch them on YouTube and other streaming sites. To become an expert, invest in your training to learn the basic poker strategies with advanced playing techniques.

Find the right course for you. This depends on your experience and the money you are willing to part with to get quality training.

You can also get training by investing in a mentor or an experienced poker coach. When selecting one, ensure they are recognized for their high-level expertise and experience in the game.


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You cannot question the popularity of online poker games amongst the Indian community. It can be beneficial for you once you master it: one of the channels to earn cash. Click here to learn more on this and start playing poker online easily!

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