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4 Most Played Video Slot Games in Online Casinos 2024

Like wildfire online casinos have spread across the internet. But, instead of destruction, they brought a lot of entertainment our way. These establishments have plenty to offer to any player out there. At the moment most world countries have access to some form of online gambling. As it’s usually the case, video slot games remain the most popular choice. And why wouldn’t they be? Shining lights, fast spins, a lot of wins and jackpots; what’s there not to like? With the widespread popularity of online casinos, another thing became popular too – top lists.

Online casinos are in the race who will have the best slot games available. They work with developers every day on making a better, more entertaining product. This is like a Cold War story and a talk about the arms race between Russia and America. But, as we said, there’s no aggression here, only good old competitiveness. Casinos want to be better and more popular, players want more wins, and more entertainment, while developers want to make their products as perfect as possible. This approach by all three parties brought our way some great games.

This brings us back to our subject – a top list of bets online slots in 2024. Are you interested? We bet you are. Players always are. The search for the best available game out there is a never-ending adventure. We’re going to help you to prolong it even more. Once you finish reading this article you’ll be feeling like Dwayne The Rock Johnson in one of his adventure movies. You choose which one. Many slot games are even inspired by films and games such as Jumanji or Rampage. Now that you know this little trivia, let’s talk about the 4 most played video slot games in online casinos in 2024.

1. Rainbow Riches

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This one is great! Nature itself is at the core of this great video slot game. It is a product created by Barcrest which is s statement on its own. For all of you players interested only in reels and paylines, let us tell you that this one is a five-reel and twenty-payline game. A good prospect, right? It is quite popular all over the world, and the reason is simple – its theme is rainbows, gold pots, and leprechauns. Everyone loves to be a little superstitious when gambling, and what’s better than having a leprechaun on your side for the task of winning some major jackpot? This Irish-themed game quickly rose to prominence during this year, and we can see it topping various lists as time goes on. You can play it on your desktop, smartphone, or tablet, it doesn’t matter as it covers all the fields. All that it matters is that you’ll be able to benefit from it by reaching one of these three major bonuses. This shouldn’t be too hard with an RTP of 95%. When you combine all of this it’s no wonder this game reached its peak of popularity not only in the UK but worldwide. If you’re already sold on this one, you can head straight to casumo.com and start spinning the wheels.

2. Goblin’s Cave

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Scary, isn’t it? Even the brave dwarfs in Hobbit know that goblins are to be afraid of. But, what’s a goblin or two for a serious slot player? Especially when you know that there’s a pot of gold waiting for you deep in their caves. Furthermore, no one needs to be afraid of the goblins in the Goblin’s Cave as they’re more easygoing like they’re from the Harry Potter world rather than from the scary world created by Tolkien. Here, we’re talking about one pretty straightforward slot. It offers payouts up to $1500 which is a fin number. You’ll reach it by going through its three paylines and the same number of reels. Its perk is that one unique future allows you to save up symbols to be released at a later moment when you’ll benefit more. This is great, and it allows you to strategize a bit, which makes playing this game even more satisfying. And, unlike HP or LOTR you don’t need a wand or a fellowship to beat the enemy. As Nike would put it, you can do it on your own.

3. Mystery Joker 6000

This game is a winner. We can say this without holding back. Why? Well, it’s been released some five years ago and it’s still going strong. Not many games can brag about a fact like this one. Play’N Go is behind it, which speaks some facts for itself, considering how many classics have they put out on the market. When you look at it plainly, it’s a simple three-reel game. But, with time you’ll understand what makes it such a great video slot game. The more you play, the more new features and bonuses will come your way. With an RTP of 96.97% and very low volatility, you’ll spend countless hours playing this one and enjoying yourself.

4. Sunrise Reels

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When you’re playing in an online casino, it doesn’t matter if it’s day or night. These types of stoppages no longer exist for all of us players. We’re free to play wherever whenever like never before. If you’re a morning person the Sunrise Reels is your ideal game. In many ways, it’s a classic. You’ll love its three-reel, five-payline combo. Its popularity is not unmerited, and it mostly lies in the fact that it will bless you with 12 thousand credits if you hit the main prize. Depending on the casino of your choice where you play this game, you can hit big. We’re talking about 120 free spins which are an ideal bonus. Also, there’s a cash prize which comes in the max form of $400. When you put it all the others this one pays out well and it’s worth getting up a few hours earlier. Either way, if you’re not for early tasks, each of the slots we talked about in this article will serve its purpose – high-end entertainment and good earnings.

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