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How to Look More Attractive At Social Media

At this time, social media has a great impact on marketing and it is one of the well-organized conducts to generate leads and also increase RIO of any business. You are hesitant for your friend’s number of followers where you have only few followers and get few likes. Most of us think using filters we look good and after clicking a picture we find that we are not so good. Because not every filter suits you. If you want to look tanned and gorgeous then it is better to use a natural tan color remedy rather than any filters. There are many more such tips that I will say in this article so read this article till the end.


# Tip 1: Use proper size images:

Make sure your face looks beautiful and professional and takes proper size. If you change your facebook profile picture it must be 170 * 170 pixels. For cover photo it will be 828 * 465 pixels. For twitter it will be 400* 400 pixels. For Instagram it will be 110 * 110 pixels.

# Tip 2: Your all social account must have same image:

Your image or brand logo should be the same across all social media accounts. The additional you become visible the same across all social networks feeds, the more probable you will get and hang about top-of-mind. Community will think about yourself before your opponent when they require your service or product.

# Tip 3: Consistency is important:

Consistency is also so important so that your followers or friends enjoy your company. So you can post photos or videos in your social media accounts. You can also create a story which lasts for 24 hours. For this those people watch you who do not follow you. And if they find your profile attractive they will surely follow you.

# Tip 4: Untagged yourself from inappropriate posts or bad pictures:

Tags are the best way to talk with more people but it should be used in the right way. If you are tagged in an appropriate post or any bad pictures where you look like a recreational instead of a professional, untagged yourself as early as possible. For this you have to review and check the posts where you are tagged in.

# Tip 5: Cross promote:

Many people use other websites to promote their profile with investment. But I have a better option for you where you can promote your every account without spending any money. For this you have to add your profile links on other accounts, such as add your Instagram, twitter profile link on facebook bio so that people can track your other profiles.

# Tip 6: Use superiority visuals only:

Many users scroll past an immense quantity of content. Frequently, these are the actual visuals, not text which gain their concentration. They get wedged by the fashionable photos and illustration designs that entrap them with minimalist designs, the bold color choices, and sleek shapes. It is imperative that you will be concerned a lot for the imagery you want for your posts.

# Tip 7: Use natural tips instead of filter:

Sometimes filters make you more disgusting and most of the people loved a natural face rather than filtered face. If you want to look more fair then use some makeup and if you want to show your tan color skin tone then without hesitation show it. For this you can use dark skin tone makeup or cocoa powder or coffee.


If you follow these tips you must gain popularity and followers and your pictures loved by many people. You can also follow the trends and use trending hashtags.


Zaraki Kenpachi