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7 Myths About Diamond Jewellery

A diamond is a valuable stone formed from carbon and is widely used in the jewellery industry. There are numerous myths about the diamond, and let us discuss a few of them below to make a person know them better.

Myths on Diamonds

  1. People say that diamonds lose their shine and lustre over a while. This is not true, and the simple fact is that diamonds need maintenance for their long-lasting property. Diamonds are gemstones that symbolise power and leadership, and therefore they require proper care to last and stay brand new.
  2. We would have heard that investing in diamonds is a bad idea, and it does not get appreciated. But the truth is that it is a good investment option and appreciates 50% of its price in five years. Moreover, with the changing trend, all the diamonds are backed with guarantee and authenticity certificates. Experts have confirmed that diamonds, if natural, can be re-sold after a certain period for a reasonable price.
  3. People say that diamonds are the unbreakable hardest substance on earth. But it is a fact that they can be broken and chipped if struck. Therefore, it is the owner’s responsibility to take good care of the diamond to prevent any damage. And lab-grown diamonds are not artificial diamonds as people commonly refer to them. They are manufactured by man but still contain the same cellular structure and have 99.95% carbon with the same hardness and optical properties. 
  4. The size of the diamond is not a criterion for its cost. The fact is that small diamonds require more effort in cutting and fitting and, therefore, more labour work and charges goes into a smaller size diamond than a solitaire diamond. Therefore, small diamonds are more expensive than bigger ones. Furthermore, the reality is that the brilliance is in no way related to the diamond’s clarity or colour. And the cut is the single factor that influences the brilliance of the stone and enhances the sparkle. Cut again is the primary factor that also determines the amount of light reflected in the stone, and it is not true that carat weight is simply the weight of the diamond. A shallow cut diamond always looks more extensive than the same carat weight stone with a deep cut. 
  5. There is a myth that says that yellow diamonds are more valuable than colourless ones. But in reality, a diamond with a low colour score has a yellow tint, and there are also fancy coloured diamonds available, Check here, as they are more valuable than colourless diamonds.
  6. People say that blue fluorescent diamonds are rarer and hence valuable. But they are not worth other types of diamonds, and blue fluorescence always not a good sign of quality, and they are mainly caused due to UV light reflection only.
  7. The myth says that diamonds are the rarest stone on earth. But the fact is that they are rare, but there are other rare minerals like Painite which is the world’s rarest mineral, with only eighteen specimens found. They are red or brown coloured, and they are seen to be very expensive than diamonds.

Diamonds are crystal that develops at an optimum growth speed and does not take billions of years to form or crystallize. The myths sound nice to hear, but the facts strike us much harder. There are also more and more developing tales everywhere as they seem fun and interesting. By reading the above article, it is evident that diamonds are not what we thought they were, as there are many new things to know about them.

Zaraki Kenpachi