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The best 9 torrent sites of 2024 to download torrent movies


Don’t you always feel like going to the cinema to see every new film? But how can you get the steps of the latest blockbusters? While the file sharing site is enraging everyone, a common choice for many users is to download Full HD movies for free with the best torrent sites. Then what are the top best torrent sites of 2024 that provide the latest movies torrents with one-click download? Here we list the 9 best torrent download sites that will help you download HD Hollywood / Bollywood film torrents for free and also guarantee the cinema experience.

1. Kickass

Kickass Torrents is one of the Most Popular Top Torrent Sites of 2024, The Pirate Bay has surpassed The Pirate Bay in traffic and becomes the # 1 Best Torrent Site on our list. As the website claims, Kickass is really fast, safe, easy. The design is unique and simple. And downloading free movies torrents with Kickass is very time-saving with a download speed of up to 12,000 kb / s. As one of the best torrent movie download sites , more than 10 million files are exchanged on Kickass in more than 30 languages ​​by hundreds of thousands of users around the world.


2. Ocean of Movies:

Ocean of movies offers various rich resources including movies, TV, music, anime, and games Users can download the latest movie torrents for free and quickly without registration. You can watch hollywood, bollywood, Hindi, Tamil videos here from the ocean of movies

3. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay was at the head of the Top Torrent Download Sites for a long time before Kickass Torrents followed to the throne. Among the top 9 torrent sites in 2024, Pirate Bay is the most popular torrent site for BitTorrent users. More than 5,944,321 visitors download films, videos, games, software, songs and more from the website. According to statistics. Around 35% of the content on the sites is free porn, secondly, TV and movies that make up 44%.

4. YTS

YTS, also known as YIFY, is another popular pirate band that releases several best 2024 releases on a weekly basis. As the site claims, it helps users to download movie torrents in 720p, 1080p and 3D quality to the smallest file size for free. There are currently more than 500 high quality movie torrents available for free download. With millions of visitors every day, YTS has a well-deserved spot within the top 10 torrent sites.


Another best torrent site is, the replacement of the old It has the same interface, categories and torrent site and even the same users as its predecessor. The old IsoHunt was one of the most popular BitTorrent search engines with thousands of torrents being added every day. The new also proves to be one of the best websites for free download torrents from Hollywood / Hindi, DVD files and HD videos.

6. RarBG

This began as a rArBG Bulgarian Tracker, is a bilingual Bulgarian / English site with the most content and descriptions in English. It is among the best torrent sites for English speaking countries like the US, India and the UK. The website currently has a total of 700,000 torrents from around 500,000 users for free download.

7. Bitsnoop

BitSnoop is well deserved one of the top 9 torrent sites in 2024 with the largest known database of torrents until now. With 24,036,505 torrents made available, users can find anything here without going to other websites. The TV Finder on the website shows alphabetically with links to all of the torrents for each show.

8. TorrentHound

TorrentHound is another big player in the 9 best torrent websites of 2024 with a total of 8,618,467 torrents. Around 1200 new torrents are smelled out and 160,000 are downloaded daily. Users can download movie torrents in 720p / 1080p / 3D in Hindi, Tamil / English / German for free. Quick and free access to movies, music and games on TorrentHound.

9. Demonoid

Demonoid was a famous and popular torrent site among users with its unique function to identify the fake torrents. The service is coming back as a private membership community with a new domain name,, securing one of the top 9 best torrent sites of 2024 that users can rely on. 

10. bolly2tolly

Warning: Because torrent sites or torrent search engines provide easy access to the latest movies music, torrent download sites often contain copyrighted material with no rights or ownership. Downloading torrent is therefore prohibited in many countries. It is reported that the IP address of the people who do download the pirated music, videos or eBooks using a BitTorrent client can be logged by copyright law enforcement agencies within three hours. Therefore, use the pages with caution.


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