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The principles of beautiful typography

In today’s short paper piece I’ve got some golden rules for you to remember and also to apply to your graphic designs. They will be based on typography sizing, display fonts, and layouts.

  1. The first golden rule is crucial when regarding main body text for print and that is that typography should be between 10 and 12 points in size but also for the web 15 to 25 pixels is the ideal size the general rule for print is never to go below 9 points however I have made business cards that have been a small 7 points it does depend on your design and of course testing the print afterward to see if it’s legible but yeah 4 main body texts on say a magazine 10 to 12 points is the ideal size now moving on to line spacing which is also known as letting this is the space between each baseline. The invisible line detects it’s on and they suggested that this space should be from 120 to 145 percent of the text size.
  2. if your line spacing is too cramped then the display fonts text is not only going to look undesirable but the viewer might not even be able to read it something else that can determine if your body text is legible or not is tracking that you use do make sure to take a step back from your design and see if the tracking on your text is too small and thus the lettering is tightly packed together also you might have used too much tracking and increased it too much which also isn’t a good look for your texts.
  3. Another figure or number that you do need to keep in mind for a general kind of rule is for how many characters are on a line of text and the number given is 45 to 90 characters which do include spacing as well but again you might have a magazine layouts with like three columns on one page and so obviously this rule is not going to apply in that case but just keep in mind the 45 to 90 characters number as a kind of general rule.
  4. Another handy rule for you to keep in mind for magazines fonts for purchase and also website design or just web-based editorial designs the primary heading on your design is advised being a hundred eighty to two hundred percent the size of the main body text and then any kind of secondary headings can be set at 130 to 150 percent of the main body text just remember guys there is always going to be exceptions to every single rule out there but these are just handy golden rules to keep in mind.
  5. The main Golden Rule that you do need to take away from in today’s post is that you need to test print everything before printing out huge quantities of copies and that is before you send the final designers to our client’s many designers out there wish they would a test printed their designs in some situations now according to today’s post which one of these values is not suitable for the size of the main body text on a print-ready magazine main body tag should be 10 to 12 points so 9.5 points are the odd one out what is leading also known as in this blog post and also within the display fonts industry as a whole letting is also known as aligned spacing.

Today’s post was a really quick rapid-fire kind of tip for display fonts and it also facilitates you to fonts for purchase it’s going to keep learning essential skills for your career do if you want more posts like this keep supporting us.

Zaraki Kenpachi