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Helpful tips for pruning and shaping ficus trees

Having trouble taking care of your indoor ficus? Not sure what to do about it? Need help to make it grow healthier? Never worry, we’re here to help.

People who have a ficus plant in their house, are aware of the fact that you need to maintain them. Plants don’t grow on their own. They need to be nurtured and taken care of. Similarly, the ficus plant you have in your house also requires your attention.

For those who are looking for helpful tips for pruning and shaping ficus trees, we have gathered a few amazing tips.

Ficus Tree grows fast 

Ficus trees grow faster in full sun. if you have planted them outside, make sure they get enough sunlight. The growth of the tree slows down when the sunlight is low. Therefore, it is best to keep the plant under a shade where the sunlight is good enough.

Moreover, if you have indoor ficus trees, you should put them near the window where the sunlight is enough. Compared to the indoor ficus plants, the outdoor ficus trees grow faster.

However, people keep this tree indoors mostly. It is a beautiful tree that perks up the look of your house.

How to prune a ficus tree? 

If you are planning to prune the ficus tree you have, you need to have the right tools to do the job. Sharp gardening tools are essential to trim and prune the ficus tree. Keep your gardening gloves handy and have a sharp pair of pruners in your gardening tool kit.

Analyze the parts of the tree that need to be pruned. You need to be sure where to start the pruning. The first step is to get rid of all the broken branches. This will allow you to trim the ficus tree in a better way.

When you are pruning the ficus tree, it is all about making sure that the look of the tree remains appealing and attractive. You have to be careful to maintain its shape.

If you have damaged the ficus tree, make sure that you cut one-third part of the tree to make it grow better.

 When should you prune the ficus tree? 

Ficus trees require regular pruning. If you have a ficus plant in Australia, you must always remember to prune the ficus tree. Most people keep the ficus plant indoors. Therefore, it might get in contact with the furniture or ceiling in your house when it grows faster. This is when you need to prune the tree.

If you neglect Pruning and shaping ficus trees you’d end up damaging the tree. Moreover, the right time to prune the tree is when it is not growing too fast. Ficus trees grow effectively in the summertime. Therefore, winter is the best time to prune it.

Essential steps to prune your ficus tree 

  • Never forget to wear your gloves while pruning the ficus tree. You might hurt yourself with the rough branches of the tree.
  • Get rid of all the broken branches of the tree.
  • Use a sharp pruner to get rid of all the unnecessary branches of the tree that are damaged or dead.
  • Apply cut paste to the pruned branches to make it grow better.
  • Make sure that you don’t cut more than 30 percent of your ficus tree. If the tree is too large even after cutting it up to 30 percent. You can plan to plant it in a larger pot.


If you are a gardening enthusiast in Australia, you should know that pruning your ficus plant is extremely important. If you don’t prune and shape the plant on time, it is growing too large and it is going to be difficult for you to manage it.

Hence, you should keep the tree properly trimmed to encourage the tree to stay in a good shape. Your ficus cannot appear attractive and appealing if it is not properly taken care of. Trimming and shaping is an important part of caring for the tree.

If you are looking for helpful tips for pruning the ficus tree, you can check them out at Future of journalism. These are useful tips that you can follow to make your tree grow faster and healthier.

Zaraki Kenpachi