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Basic Tips to Sanitize Your Home Environment

In order to live a healthy lifestyle, we must be vigilant towards the environment we live in and the air we breathe in. Whether small or big, a home is a heaven that we create ourselves to celebrate living in the most peaceful milieu and make the most of this gift called life! 

Here’s to the awesome hacks that will change your vision of looking towards the sanitization of your home. Scroll till the end and get benefited from this sorted piece of content. 

  • Pantry!

We will start with the most neglected part of the house, a storeroom or a pantry. In most of household’s storerooms are treated as room for the excess stuff which gradually turns out to be room for storing nothing but garbage. 

The easiest way to clean your storage room more often is to sort out the stuff and assemble them accordingly, for example, arranging the tools in a box, blankets, and sheets in a case, assembling the least used stuff in a separate compartment/cupboard and so on. So, you can book each weekend to clean a single unit. 

At first, it would seem to be a tiring job but trust us when we say that would be once and for all. The next time you visit your pantry, you would be sorted to go to the right place. 

  • Bed Room

The most common cause of our bedrooms getting unhygienic are the dust mites. Visibly we can bet on our bedrooms being the most sanitized and well-maintained area of our home, but these non-visible germs trigger the diseases and also become one of the reasons for providing bed bugs, a home! 

The best way to get rid of such bacteria is to wash your bed sheets, pillow covers and mats at a hot temperature and it would be a plus if you have an area in your home where the washed clothes could be dried so that they meet the sunshine. To get your hands on modern household items make sure you check out these Ashley Furniture coupons. 

  • Bathroom 

Apart from the daily spring-cleaning of your restroom, it is very important to get in deeply cleaned once in a while as it is the area of your heaven which is most likely to have most of the germs. Placing air fresheners may provide a pleasant and fragrant atmosphere but the thorough scrubbing of the tiles, floor, and ceiling will ensure the deep sanitization of the area by killing the worms and eliminating the fungus which is mostly not visible with a naked eye.

  • Living Room 

The key is to stop eating in the living room. Why? Because we do not pay much attention to the deep cleaning of our living rooms or drawing rooms as they are mostly fancy and require careful handling. Once we stop having our snacks and meals in these sensitive areas of our home, we can be 80% sure about the hygiene of the room. However, thorough cleaning of the accessories is definitely required once in a six-month period to maximize sterility.


Houses designed in a way to welcome sunlight are naturally more sterilized ones as compared to the ones that don’t get much of it as sunlight plays a vital role in killing germs and bacteria. This is why we recommend washing the clothes, sheets, and mats at a hot temperature with clinically proven washing agents. Moreover, hiring a trained cleaning staff once in a year will also make a lot of difference as they are trained and highly skilled cleaners. 

Lastly, always place scented candles in your home to create a fragrant aura in the surroundings. visit OffAtEverything for other offers or follow them on:

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