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Some Mistakes to Avoid While Putting on Lawn Signs

Lawn signs are everywhere around, serving a variety of purposes. These are ideally used as advertising spots to convey about anything from garage sales to real estate. These cute little things can grab the attention of the passerby and bring quality leads to the marketers. Even in the digital era, we are obsessed with these glowing rectangles being visible everywhere. Marketers and event planners identify lawn signs as one of the best ways to convey a message to the masses.

However, people tend to make a lot of mistakes while they plan to put lawn or yard signs. Here in this article, we will discuss a few such mistakes to avoid when you are designing lawn signs.

Don’ts of lawn sign design

Mistake #1: Making it too hard to read

People may drive by or walk by the lawn signs and view them from a distance. If the design and the writing on it are too small for anyone to view from a distance, your purpose is spoiled. So, while designing a lawn sign, always make sure that you take a minimalist approach to it and ensure its visibility from a significant distance.

Mistake #2: Cluttering the board

When it comes to placing a lawn sign, the rule of thumb is ‘less is more. You can grab easy attention to a 6 x 3 banner, but if you put all the streamers and poppers on to it, people may just assume that you are advertising kind of a pony party. So, when you are fixing lawn signs, never overdo it. Put the right info which you want to share in minimum words. Avoid any clutter with text.

Consideration must also be given to the choice of colours. Use contrasting colours to make it easily noticeable but take care of the needs of colour-blind people too while deciding sign colours. Also, make sure the font and text you choose are big and easy enough to read from a distance.

Mistake #3: Placement at the wrong spot

It will be annoying for someone to search around to find a yard sign showing a direction or so. There is no benefit of placing a yard sign at the wrong place. Especially if you are putting the direction board at a convention centre or an event venue, always be logical and use common sense in terms of signboard placement. The most important thing to ensure here is that the event you host is clearly indicated on the board, and the directional arrows must be big enough without confusing the viewers. Prior planning is needed for this.

So, yard signs are there everywhere, and it is ideal for you to use as promotional boards or advertising space. The designs may not be really flashy or something which is the greatest, but this should primarily work well. There are plenty of options available in lawn science for business use, including foam board mounting etc. Such lawn signs are also very easy to maintain. Do some research to plan the signboard’s placement, dimensions, and design to ensure you get a good return on investment.


Zaraki Kenpachi