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Undeniable SEO Tricks and Techniques for Growing Your Online Presence

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most useful strategy that you can implement for your online business to attract more customers and grow your revenue. It can make your business popular on the internet and help your brand establish its presence and identity.

SEO techniques enable you to compete with top brands and gain a top rank on the search engine results pages (SERPs). If you integrate SEO into technology, social media, and other tools or platforms, your online presence can grow exponentially.

Here are a few SEO tricks and techniques that you can apply for your online business:

1. Lead ad technique in social media post

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If your business is new, the first thing you need to do is to grow your customer database. The way to achieve this is to think of an SEO campaign that can utilize the lead ad technique. The lead ad is any promotional campaign that draws attention to your brand and encourages the target market to register or sign up, as seen on Digitalauthority.me.

In this way, you can increase the number of your customers and you can communicate with them regularly to establish relationships. Continue to provide updates on promos and discounts, so you can enable repeat purchases.

The goal here is to build a customer database and to get to know your target market, so you can know how to relate well with their current needs and lifestyle.

The post can be a social media contest, a discount voucher program, loyalty or membership card, or free trial coupons. Ask people to follow some steps, then register, so they can get freebies. Ask people to like, share, or subscribe to your social media page. Try this lead ad technique and see instant subscribers and likes that can boost your online presence.

2. Popularize a hashtag that contains your keywords

Think of a fun and interesting social movement-like post that uses a hashtag in all further posts, shares, and mentions. Ask your target audience to join the bandwagon by mentioning the hashtag and asking five of their friends to do so also. The networking effect will follow and soon you’ll see how viral your post can be.

You can send freebies once they complete tagging five of their friends and mentioning the hashtag. Remember, your hashtag must contain your keywords, which you also use to optimize your website and featured pages.

Your aim is to popularize such hashtag-keywords and reach as many of your target audience as possible. Focus on the fun side of your brand and make people curious enough to get to know your specific product or service.

In this way, you can attract more customers and improve brand awareness within one or two months. If you have a wide target reach or population, you will need to consistently run your social media campaign for about six months.

SEO remains an organic approach that caters to non-paid internet marketing solutions. Continue to track your campaign and see the numbers of new customers grow day after day.

3. Participate in a local event and ask people to scan your brand’s QR code

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Take an active role in your community advocacies and events. This might seem like a Public Relations service, but still has its effect on your overall brand image. If your participation in the community will give your brand more exposure and a chance for brand awareness, then go for it.

Offer some good and relevant things to share among fellow community members. If it is possible, request if your company can set up a booth and run some interactive games with the people. Make sure that your campaign has its best focus on the target market.

Set up a tarpaulin standee with your brand’s QR code in it. If they like, subscribe, and share your Facebook or other social media page with at least one of their friends, then they can receive freebies. For winners in your booth contest, you can hand out some useful items for your target audience with your brand name and QR code in the packaging, so they can connect to your site instantly.

Show that you are genuinely interested in getting to know your target audience by smiling and guiding them on how they can like the brand’s social media page, so they can access the posts, which feature more vouchers and discount coupons.

Make sure to have the guests register in the logbook and include the leads in your customer database. Follow up on each one the following day to upsell your product or service.

Lead generation with a twist of digital marketing technique is a faster way to generate sales.

4. Partner with a complementary business and exchange links

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There are many entrepreneurs who started their business because they want to do what they wanted to do in the fastest way possible, without the many complications of being involved in a big company. However, sooner, you will realize that it is inevitable to partner with other people to grow your business and enlarge your target market reach.

The more widespread your market saturation is, the more profits you will reap for your business. The way to do this is by partnering with a business that complements your product or service. For example, if your product is a sandwich spread, you can connect with a pastry business and come up with an agreement on how you can co-promote your products.

You will realize that you need to grow your knowledge and skills in business as you draft the terms and conditions agreement. Partnering with a complementary business provides an opportunity for your product or service to maximize its potential and benefits to customers.

Make sure to seek legal consultation before finalizing the terms and conditions agreement with your business partner.

To boost your presence online, request your business partner to mention your brand on their social media page and website. Likewise, mention their brand name on your sites, so both of you can exchange links and grow your brand’s presence online.

Final Words

These are some SEO tricks and techniques that can help grow your brand’s online presence. The social media marketing strategies alongside continuous website optimization can help a lot in creating brand awareness, so you can build your customer database and introduce your product or service to your target market.

If you will continue to run your SEO campaign for at least six months, you can see how your website and social media page are gaining their ranks on the first page. More so, you are building long-term relationships with your community, who are the best loyal customers that you can have.

SEO and local marketing help in generating a stable base for regular and repeat purchases that are easy to manage.

To learn more on how SEO can help your business grow its revenue, consult a Digital Marketing specialist. A team of dedicated SEO Marketers can take charge of running your online campaigns and tracking your progress month after month. Grow your business by collaborating and partnering with the best talents in the country.

Zaraki Kenpachi