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The most popular technical SEO tools

Technical SEO is not easy, but done properly, it can boost your website’s performance and skyrocket its ranks in search engines. Nonetheless, it’s hard to perform it without special, dedicated, advanced tools. Which of them are used by professional agencies, which have the most useful features, and which are the most precise? Here’s the list of SEO tools you need to know if you want to run your own search engine optimization campaign or you just want to check potential drawbacks of your website.

Google Search Console

Let’s start with the basics. Google Search Console is a free yet totally indispensable tool to start your technical SEO journey with. It provides advanced data, reports and features, indicates possible problems and explains how to fix them. It also shows the number of impressions and clicks letting you monitor your site’s performance.

Google Analytics

Another free useful Google tool is Google Analytics which analyzes your website’s organic search performance. If it’s set up right, it’s a great source of knowledge about the traffic and its potential problems. It shows what kind of users visit your website, how they behave, what pages interest them most, where they come from, and more.

Screaming Frog

The tool is unfortunately not free, but it’s something probably every SEO specialist uses for a thorough audit of a website. It’s an extremely useful desktop crawling platform with many extensive and hugely practical features. It indicates nearly all of the possible technical errors that can happen on a website: URLs, missing page titles, meta keywords, descriptions, canonicals, and more.

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Web Developer Toolbar

It’s a toolbar extension for Google Chrome – definitely useful for SEO specialists as well as web developers. It helps identify issues with JavaScript or CSS code, broken images, and allows viewing meta tags information and response headers.

Google Pagespeed Insights

It’s an easy and useful tool when you want to check your website’s speed quickly and for free. It classifies your page in a rank from 1 to 100 and indicates what issues may potentially slow it down. Nevertheless, the tool may not always be super precise, so it’s best to check it once more with something else, e.g. Screaming Frog.


An important part of every technical SEO audit is analyzing your competition, and Ahrefs does a great job doing it for you! It shows why they rank so high and is able to recommend actions you could take to enhance your website’s performance. It helps research keywords, backlinks, content, and allows you to track ranks and monitor webs of your competitors.


It’s a perfect tool for proper keywords research, showing their detailed analysis reports and domains’ summaries. It can also let you see how your website performs in comparison with your competition, e.g. concerning backlinks, traffic, average session duration, bounce rates, and more. Being similar to Ahrefs, it helps analyze what can be done better and what actions may get you higher in Google search engine ranks.

Zaraki Kenpachi