Signet Rings In Australia: Bringing Back A Classical Piece Of Men's Jewellery
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Signet Rings In Australia: Bringing Back A Classical Piece Of Men’s Jewellery

When status and prestige were considered worthy of being flaunted in the olden days, men of wealth and position would use jewellery pieces to indicate their authority and nobility. One of the most traditional ways is by using men’s signet rings, a custom that dates back to the age of pharaohs and the Roman civilisations.

Signet Rings: A Little History

Signet rings were always associated with power and nobility, which was always looked up to in the earlier days.

    • Depictions of its usages have been found in early Egyptian culture, where pharaohs adorned them to symbolise their god-like status and power.
    • Roman legions often gave out these rings to commemorate their time in the army or signify an important position in the senate.
    • Kings and lords used to seal documents using hot wax and stamp them with the help of these rings to prove authenticity and prevent forgery.

What Was The Cause Of Their Reduced Popularity?

As the world progressed into a more modern and industrialised age where countries valued skilled labour more than personal status, the popularity of men’s signet rings dwindled.

    • The number of noble families started to decrease, and the importance of status and royalty waned over time.
    • Advancements in the use of printing presses and mass publications through personal signatures meant that there was no need to seal the documents anymore to prove legitimacy.
    • Since most of these rings were made using precious metals, the difficulty in acquiring them, or even making one for that matter, was hard considering the complications of forging and metal shaping. This made them less popular, and their usage declined. Now, with affordable prices and more seamless manufacturing processes, these rings are easily available for every citizen in the country.

Will Signet Rings Ever Make A Comeback In Australia?

Popular men’s signet rings have increased in popularity as many celebrities and models have started to wear them, bringing back the classical piece with a modern bang. Take a look at some of the reasons why these rings are gaining in popularity all over the country:

    • A part of it can be attributed to Australia’s fluctuating fashion culture, but recent developments have confirmed that the hype around these ornamental rings is here to stay.
    • Many organisations and companies have now started giving out these rings to celebrate important achievements and milestones and congratulate working employees.
    • Customisable designs are also available for individuals to personalise according to their tastes and preferences. This sense of individuality has skyrocketed the signet ring sales in the country.
    • Families are now bringing back their use of rings as heirlooms and family crests as part of their generational wealth and heritage.
    • Academic institutions and award groups are also using these rings to celebrate achievements and bestow them on deserving individuals who excel in medicine, engineering, science and other notable fields.
    • Military officials wear a signet ring to signify their rank in office or denote the time and the years they served in the army. Commanders and officers posted in the upper levels of the government can be seen adorning these rings to designate their posts and authority.

Although they are yet to make a surging demand among Australia’s younger generation, their wide usage in the media and fashion industry denotes otherwise. And with the jewellery industry making more and more options available at affordable costs, it is safe to say the old-time trend is here to make a rebound, and it is going to be a massive one at that.

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