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Requireents to become a firefighter.

Firefighting is one of the most dangerous jobs around the world but at the same time, it is the ultimate service to humanity. Firefighters are supposed to go into the places from which most of the people are trying to get out. Becoming a firefighter requires the best physical and mental conditions, as well as dedication and hard work. Even if you have all these qualities, you will have to compete with hundreds of candidates.

So, the question arises of how you will stand out among these candidates. To get the answer, keep reading this article.


To be a firefighter, you must have a valid driving license with the age of 18 years or more. There are opportunities for people younger than 18 as they can join as junior firefighters for supporting roles.

Sometimes there are maximum age limits as well, which are mostly somewhere between 28 and 35 according to the policies of Best firefighting companies.

2-Educational and Physical requirements:

The minimum educational requirement is a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent. Many people go to college to get a degree in fire science, which will increase the odds of selection and career progression.

With education, you will also need to pay attention to your physical health, as the fire fighting jobs are physically intensive. As a firefighter you will have to perform hose drag, forced entry, ceiling breach, ladder raise and search and rescue in an intense environment. That is the reason that the candidate with the best physical health will have an edge.

3-Stay away from trouble:

Most of the best firefighting companies do strict background checks.

 Even if you passed all the tests and in the end, the background checks bring up something shady it will eliminate your chances of becoming a firefighter.

For this, you need to keep your police record clean and also perform social activities. It will indicate that you want to help the people.

Fulfilling fiscal responsibilities is a variable that most people ignore, but it is also taken into consideration. Having good credit scores will boost your chances to become a firefighter. 

4-Study Hard:

To crack the written exam, you will have to study to clear any doubt. The written exam will consist of multiple-choice questions which are divided into different categories.

There are many online courses and books that can help you to get prepared for the written exams.


In this test, you will be tested through the interviews and an expert will judge you through different questions that can be of any topic. You will not have to study for it because the objective for this is to check the mental stability and stress a person can take during the job.


Getting an entry-level certification in firefighting, such as Firefighter I and II, boosts the chances of success.

After getting hired, you will still need to join the department’s fire academy, but these certifications will give you a better chance to get in.

To get this certification, you can join the volunteer fire department.

Zaraki Kenpachi