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How to use respite care to determine if assisted living is meant for a senior

Seniors and their families are often in 2 minds when choosing whether to move out to an assisted living facility. This confusion is usually based on aspects like will they be comfortable, will they get accustomed to the environment, and is this the best choice for them. For all such situations, the best choice is to get into a respite care program. This will allow them to identify whether assisted personal care homes Gainesville GA are the right fit for them.

What is respite care?

Respite care is basically a care program that allows seniors to stay in an assisted care facility while their caregivers enjoy a break. This is especially helpful for those caregivers who have been fatigued from long-term care of their senior family members. Respite care residents enjoy the same facilities and amenities as long-term residents. This will allow the seniors to understand the pros and cons of assisted living and hence decide on whether this is the perfect setting for them.

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How to discuss respite care with your senior family member

  1. Stay transparent: The best way to carry a conversation around respite care is by ensuring the family member that this is not a sneaky way of getting them to permanently move there. This is just a temporary move or a trial stay for them and the family to understand what assisted living would mean. Thus, if they feel like this is not for them no one will force them to stay there.
  2. Pick the correct dates:  Check with the facility staff and see what activities and events are coming up at their senior recreation center Gainesville that could interest your loved one. You can plan the respite care dates as per this event planner to ensure they get a feel of how vibrant this community is and how it can help them.
  3. Let them pick the community: The senior needs to feel that they are involved at all times in the decision-making. This is the only way they will comfortably and open-mindedly explore this option of assisted living. Visit all communities with them, let them ask questions to the staff at each community, and make choices around their stay there.
  4. Pack their favorite belongings: Packing a few personal possessions for their stay in this temporary yet new home would be a good idea. Just make sure you don’t overdo to make them feel like this is a permanent residence for them now. Be it food or gadgets, these favorite belongings could make them feel at home even while away.
  5. Ask for support: Inform the on-site team that this could be a permanent move for your family member. This will make them engage more with your family member in a way that they could feel comfortable while choosing to move here permanently.

With all this in place, you could get your senior family member comfortable about the idea of living in an assisted facility. Beehive Homes is one such place where you could get your senior family member comfortable about the idea of assisted living. Beehive memory care facility has the ability to accommodate every senior family member even if they have suffered from memory issues. Get in touch to know more details about the facilities here.

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