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How to host an amazing socially distanced baby shower? (Godh Bharai)

The present misfortune due to the health emergency has led several people to lose their lost ones, drop and get away from any kind of get together and parties. The guidelines for social distancing and quarantining have led to a hectic path for normalization of every day to day life. In such conditions the call for any kind of celebration seems to be daunting. 

The misfortune has come along to the eager mom-to-be who has been going through so many changes in their pregnancy stage. The anxiety of the present scenario, changing physical needs, emotional impact has led curious moms to go through hard times. Some might be grieving for not being able to throw their baby shower in the cutest maternity style they ever wanted. SO, MOMMAS! No need to be dismayed for not being able to celebrate as you can have a cheerful hour to celebrate with your friends and families.

Yes, you got us right! The dreamy BABY SHOWER ever to astonish you and your loved ones and to celebrate in a good way maintaining social distancing even in such hard times!

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What is a baby shower (GODH BHARAI)?

Depending upon family, culture, and tradition, the ceremony is held for both the mother-to-be and an unborn child to mark his/her arrival. When the pregnant mother completes seven months of pregnancy, the special celebration is held known as a baby shower or GODH BHARAI in India. Some also celebrate it during the 8th month of pregnancy. Now that everyone needs a highly safe and sanitized environment to fight the virus, the mother, and the to-be-born child can be at higher risk of the same. A well socially distanced gathering can be done to celebrate the baby shower.

Rituals of Baby Shower Done While Maintaining Social Distancing

According to several parts of the country, no matter what the rituals of celebrating the special occasion may differ from one another however essence of the special occasion remains the same to bless the unborn infant and the mother-to-be.

As the expecting mother is showered with gifts including jewellery, money, and clothing with the blessing of elders, it is highly important to sanitize all the items properly for the well-being of the child and mother. For the celebration, a spacious place can be booked to host a bash so that the guests, relatives, and families can maintain social distance. On a special day, the mom-to-be is finely dressed and decked in jewellery with henna designs made on her hand to make her feel special. If you are supposed to hire a Mehendi artist, make sure to check the temperature of the artist and make masks mandatory for everyone attending the celebration. 

We know that the baby shower in India includes a ritual in which whispering in the mother’s ear the fact that a smiling, amazing, and healthy bundle of joy will be occupying her lap soon however to maintain social distancing and well being of the child and mother this can be skipped for a while. If a priest is invited to chant prayers and perform religious rites for the arrival of the healthy baby, make sure to keep at least a feet distance between the mother and the priest. We know that this can be a bit difficult to do all the rituals while keeping social distancing in mind, however, we also believe that no matter how much distance there is between the mother and the loved ones, they are bound together with a thread of love and understanding. No distance can ripe off the happiness of the special occasion! 

  • Dancing and Merrymaking

As the occasion itself calls for celebration, how can we miss dancing and merrymaking on the day. Make the special mom feel more special with several entertaining activities. If you have planned a dance session or dance performance, maintain distance there also. Several fun games can be hosted to keep the guests engaged. 

  • Cake for the Mom

There will be a special cake for the special mom. You can bake the cake yourself at home if you are pro in handling the bakery section and are suspicious about ordering from outside or else get it ordered from a good bakery nearby.

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  • Exciting Decoration

A celebration can be dull without any kind of decoration and when it is the baby shower of your sister, sister-in-law or friend then how can you miss out on amazing baby shower supplies such as baby shower props. For the baby shower decoration items, you can also go for some range of balloons, banners, or also a “MOM-TO-BE” sash! Decorate the space in the most dreamy way you want to! Make her day more special with a special baby shower decoration theme.

  • Gift opening

One of the essential parts of a baby shower is the gift opening ritual. No matter where the gift has arrived from, do not forget to use surface sanitizer as a step toward maintaining safety. If the guests have sent gifts ahead then unwrap the present just like you would do in front of them. You can also ask the guests to open their gift that they have brought to the party and let them speak a few words about it to you.

Your baby shower is one of the best occasions to meet your family, friends, and relatives who build great support and help you through the last trimester of your pregnancy when your baby arrives. Make a mask wearing mandatory for the party along with hand sanitizing before entering the venue. If you still are worried about throwing a godh bharai and still maintaining social distance then you have another great option which is a virtual baby shower! With the emergence of technology and several options for video conferencing apps, the virtual celebration has come more in trend this year as you can throw a bash and celebrate your special occasions even from your comfort zone without hosting any get together. After all, you deserve to be a bit selfish to think about safety for your unborn baby and yourself.

Zaraki Kenpachi