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eCommerce Companies are Saving Millions by Outsourcing their Clipping Path Jobs Offshore

Business process outsourcing is not something new. They existed even before the time of Google or the internet. A certain part of the job is often outsourced to cut costs and improve productivity. The invention of the internet made business process outsourcing easier. ECommerce companies as well as any other companies in the developed nations are now finding it easier to outsource their business processes to cut costs and increase productivity. Clipping path outsourcing to developing countries of Asia, which is commonly searched on Google as Clipping Path Asia, is the common trend these days.


What is Clipping Path

A clipping path is a photo editing process that is done on a photo editing program. Photo editing experts use Adobe Photoshop or other photo editing tools to create paths in the image that is known as clipping path.

Photoshop pen tool is used to create the path. The reason it is called a path is that it looks like one. If you look at a map, it shows you a path to go from point A to point B. Just like the map or route has a path, photo editing experts create a path along the picture border to create a path.

This path is created to select an object in the image so that that object can later be isolated. This object isolation is needed for various purposes. But in simple terms, they are needed for post-production print publishing.


Who Needs Clipping Path Services

Typically, eCommerce companies would require the use of clipping path service and when they look for an outsourcing company, they often look at developing countries in Asia that have skilled workers at a fraction of the cost.

eCommerce companies are called eCommerce as their business is done on the internet electronically. Practically billions and billions of product images are taken and published on the eCommerce storefront every year to promote the product sale. A lot of these images need to be clipped and edited before they can be made publish-ready.

Basically, any eCommerce company that promotes or sell their products online would require clipping path services. Sometimes it is the product owners who avail the services of an outsourcing company for clipping, other times it is the product photographers who deliver the product images to their clients in a clipped fashion. Marketing agencies who promote their client products also avail the services of a clipping path company in the process of creating a marketing campaign.


Why Outsourcing to Asia

Asia has many developing countries where skilled workers are available at a fraction of the cost. These low-cost skilled workers are attractive to Western country companies as this not only saves them money in overall production, it also increases the overall productivity of the company.

When a company outsources its business processes to an outsourcing company, it allows them to free up a significant amount of production time and allocate that time to another important process. A lot of companies outsource various business processes including human resources which allows them to run more efficiently.

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