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E-commerce Course Singapore Learning Experience

As an E-commerce player, learning new tricks to be more prominent in this sector is very critical to achieving great success. In essence, staying at the top of your game requires constant learning. The entry of social media into the industry has made it close to impossible to sell products without a social media presence. Hence, it was no surprise for me to seek out further information through the Qoo100, Lazada and Carousel’s E-commerce course. I am not a lover of social media since it requires consistency. Hence, I needed something to keep me afloat without necessarily making me turn to social media. That’s where this course came in, and I decided to take a chance and improve my business. The experience was great and very insightful especially for people who love old school tried and tested paths of doing business.

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The first thing was how to sell on Qoo10 and how to sell on Lazada.


Understanding the E-commerce landscape

The E-commerce landscape formed a major part of the discussions under the course. From a trainee’s perspective, this was the best way to form a foundation to the rest of the training. While the needs of humans are simply evolving, so are the demands for the market to grow. Every single day, doing business is becoming easier and more accessible to a variety of people. In essence, understanding and acknowledging this change is very vital for every business owner. In fact, from the course, it was clear that this could either make or break a business. I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that the course trainers allowed participants to brainstorm on this issue and provide possible avenues through which they could be solved. This, in the end, acted as a gateway for diverse conversation and network growth.

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Products that are deemed to sell

Finding a product that sells in a particular market requires detailed and focused research. From the course, it became easy to identify and take advantage of different market needs by proving products that would make the customers happy. Remember, as a business owner you need products that assure you market share growth and ultimately return clients to keep your growth scale continuous. I can confidently say that this particular topic was greatly covered in depth.

Skills and Techniques needed to make sales

For those of us who have never attended a sales and marketing course, making sales can be quite a headache. While I have superb people skills, E-commerce rarely requires the use of such skills to make any sales. Hence, any knowledge of the skills and techniques to makes sales on internet platforms is very welcome. I was greatly benefitted from this part of the ecommerce course Singapore especially in consideration of my background in the sales sector.


Since taking up the course by Qoo100, Lazada and Carousels, I can confidently say that my business has grown to a higher capacity than I had expected. I now enjoy more sales and have managed to build my product line brand identity. I am always getting reviews on how effective the products I choose to sell are in ensuring client needs are met. My ultimate objective while attending the training was to make more sales. However, I ended up learning a lot of new material with great ease and essentially have experienced excellent growth in my business.

Zaraki Kenpachi