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Discourse and Its infinite Benefits!

Dialogue is very essential today. Humans are discussing many topics on social networks, tv, forums, and blogs. The Doe is a great example of a similar platform.

Dialogue is a talk that takes place between a group of people on a certain idea or a topic. Each person will represent his/ her ideas and point of view on the discussed topic, usually with the aim of convincing others about it.

Discourse is an old concept that has existed since the beginning of humanity. Many dialogues took place between many groups and famous thinkers since the fifth century BC!

For example, Plato went into several discussions to express his ideas as a philosopher.

Dialogue is so important in our life. It usually affects the interlocutors positively and helps to come up with new ideas that can be discussed later on.

Discourse leads to evolving new points of view and interpretations and points of view towards different situations and topics. This leads to broadening the horizon and lets interlocutors see the facts.

When people of different ideas or beliefs put their ideas on the table, this will help society to renounce intellectual, racial, or social intolerance. When humans come together they will try to ignore what separates them. This will create a space to have mature discussions without any tension.

When attending the dialogue sessions, people will gain communication and interpersonal skills. They will learn how to listen to others, know how to manage their time, enhance their thinking skills, respect the opposite opinion, avoid bullying, and many more.

Discourse teaches people to solve their problems and can help decrease the gap between the various points of view, giving the chance to both sides to express their thoughts, and presenting evidence that makes the position of each group stronger.

People will indirectly add some additional information to their knowledge. When people talk to each other, they will get familiar with some new topics such as sciences. This can be realized through dialogic sentences such as historical and scientific facts

A person should keep in mind that he/she must adopt certain strategies to achieve success when it comes to a discussion between many members. It is good to use simple and direct words to help members to understand the ideas without ambiguity.

It is better for interlocutors to organize their thoughts and discuss each idea by itself and not all at once. This will help to maintain the flow of the discussion and achieve the continuity of information throughout the discussion.

Taking notes is better to be done during the discussion. This will let a person organize his/ her ideas, leading to talking about the issues comprehensively. 

Interlocutors are advised to mention some examples and add some liveliness to the discussion.

A great example of the importance of discourse is what happened during the last two years. The merger of the coronavirus pandemic, led to the stimulation of dialogue between people and countries worldwide, with the aim of facing the dangerous epidemic and lowering its risk.

Zaraki Kenpachi