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Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled PS5 form springs up in abnormal dashboard glitch

A Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled PS5 variant assembled explicitly for the new age of consoles might be in transit… or on the other hand, one player’s PS5 may simply be extremely confounded.

Reddit client NEBREPINS posted a picture of their PS5 UI that references a PS5 adaptation of the game, which is as of now just playable as a last-gen game within reverse similarity. In case you’re not comfortable, this is the screen where you pick which variant of a game you can introduce – which is sufficiently simple to miss, as some Black Ops Cold War players discovered when they unintentionally downloaded the PS4 form rather than the PS5 one.


Was introducing CTR on PS5 and 2 PS store connections of the game came up recorded as committed PS5 cutting edge adaptations 🤔 from r/crashbandicoot and data toto Macau

Generally, there aren’t two separate dadu online sections for something very similar, which loans some assurance to the thought that this may simply be a glitch instead of a look in the background at something Activision and Sony are chipping away at. We likewise attempted to duplicate the glitch with a staff part’s PS5 and proved unable. All things considered, another gen local adaptation would be gladly received.

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled initially showed up back in June 2019, carrying back the kart-hustling exemplary with levels from Crash Nitro Kart, excellent designs, and the cutting edge necessities of online play. This is what our commentator Ford James needed to say about the first form:


“riatoto has figured out how to take the first Crash Team Racing, and by one way or another improved it. 20 years prior, this was the kart racer to play, however, Mario Kart bit by bit usurped it and since the mid-2000s, Crash has been laid lethargic, trusting that its time will hold onto the seat and become the ruler of kart racers again. That time is currently, on the grounds that Crash is back, child.”


See what we know is in transit with our manual for forthcoming PS5 games.

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