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6 Best Techniques for Page 1 Ranking in Google

We all have a desire to be in the top charts at some point in time in our lives. Let it be any field of life, we always want to see ourselves and our work to be at the top or in front of everyone’s eyes.

In the digital field, this measure is known as getting yourself on page one of Google search results. We know that Google is the most widely used search engine in the world. So it is very important for the organization (like Degions) or the owners to be there on the very first page of Google soon after the search is made to enhance their website’s traffic and business.

In order to achieve this, we can have the following steps to be followed accordingly.

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1.  Be Wise Make The Keyword Nice

This is the fundamental and initial step for getting page 1 rank in google. We must be very specific while choosing the keyword. It is always advisable to do proper keyword research before writing the content. Once you are done with deciding the keyword, then just add it in your URL of the article and also as the title of the content so that it shows on all the relevant searches.

2. Getting Links to your site

Links again play a very vital role in getting page 1 rank. The logic stays simple, either you can put your link up on the platforms which are frequently visited by the normal mass of population or you can take the help of guest posting mechanism which helps to increase the visibility as well as the limits. Apart from this, you should also focus to make the content in such a way that it attracts other journalists or bloggers to link.

3. Versatile Content Versatile Way

In the world full of competition you must have a different approach in order to be better than others. In order to achieve this, the content what you have in your site matters the most. Try to show up some creativity in your content which may include presenting content with the help of related pictures and videos. Generally, people like video content more than just written one. Doing this can give your posts a huge boost which certainly proves helpful in order to get page 1 rank.

Moreover, the quality of the content matters as well. Your content must not be just for the sake of content, it must be more than that which focuses on originality and creativity. If this step is taken care seriously then it would certainly prove worthy.

4. Write Regularly Reach There Early

So you might be doing everything that I mentioned above but still would be lacking something which is stopping you from getting page 1 rank. That can be because your rivals of the same zone are also writing contents regularly. In order to outclass your competition, you must write on a regular basis which will keep your head level with your competition. Remember Your first competition is you, always try to be better than your previous time. This will enhance your chance as well as your level as a writer.

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5. Keep Track of Current Ranking

So we all know, Rome was not built in one night, just like that, you can’t be shinning on Google soon after you post the content.

Always look for the scope of improvement in content writing. Suppose your last post could not make in the top chart lists, there is nothing to be demotivated for this, instead take it as a lesson and make a note of shortcomings which stopped you this time and start working on it for the next time. And you know Experience is the best Teacher.

6. Optimize Everything

My last advice in this section would be to optimize your content and website as much as possible. Make sure that there are all the vital things present over there and at the same point of time you need to verify that nothing extra or useless is there to disturb the visitors in any way. Along with this, the website must be good enough to be opened in computers as well as mobiles. The majority section of the audiences would access through mobile phones these days. Hence the structure and design of the site must be mobile friendly.

A few checks could help you out in this regard. For example, the image you are using can be optimized so that it consumes lesser data and users can access it at a faster rate.

Similarly, Browser catching technique can also be used to store the website cache on the user’s computer for faster access next time.

At last my final thoughts on this topic would be using the experience and tools available on the internet the sites should be made with the maximum amount of optimization so that it reaches to more number of people swiftly. You may opt for paid promotion as well to get yourself page 1 rank on Google in a quick time.

Zaraki Kenpachi