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Ask a Reporter: What It’s Like to Cover the Pandemic Every Single Day?

If you’re familiar with Medium’s Coronavirus Blog, you’re probably familiar with Yasmin Tayag, the blog’s most prolific writer. Yasmin is also a senior editor at OneZero, where she runs the publication’s science coverage. Since the blog launched on March 20, Yasmin has written and reported Covid-19 stories about antibody testingthe science of masksthe George Floyd protestswhat on Earth is happening in Florida (twice!), and much more.

I chatted with Yasmin over Slack about what the last few months have been like, how the pandemic coverage has evolved, and the most vexing question she has about Covid-19.



Coronavirus Blog Team

·Jul 28, 2024

Can You Get Coronavirus Through the Eyes?

In a story for Elemental, writer and neurobiology postgrad Shin Jie Yong details what the latest science says about Covid-19 and the eyes, including what the research says about Covid-19 eye transmission. Here’s an excerpt:

“There are…anecdotal reports of Covid-19 transmission via the eyes — specifically of health care workers who wore masks and appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) but no eye protection and somehow contracted Covid-19 and conjunctivitis.

But the verdict as to transmission via the eyes remains unclear. “Although there is currently no confirmed conjunctival transmission route, the authors agree with the WHO and other organizations’ recommendations that…

Zaraki Kenpachi