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Why is Audit Trail Feature Important In HRIS Software?

Regardless of the size and type of the business, the human resources function has become more important than ever before. From employee well-being to employee experience, there is a long list of priorities for all HR professionals out there.

Post-2020 has brought in newer challenges while there were already older ones to address. To efficiently navigate the challenges of the present and future, organizations need to have robust HRIS software and a competent HR team. But how can one know if his/her company’s human resource processes and policies are in the right conduct or not? This is when the audit trail feature comes into the picture.

A much-needed yet overlooked HR tool, the Audit trail is a feature used for analyzing current human resources policies, standard operating procedures, documentation, and systems. It helps the organizations to understand their current state and figure out what all needs to be fixed to reach the right state.


Why Should Every Company Get Audit Trail?

We all know that HR Audit is like a regular check-up that is acutely essential for an organization’s success. Just like financial audits, an HR audit is also equally crucial. It is done for a host of reasons. Say, for example, some firms do it at the end of every year to make sure all the people’s policies are in place and it is complying with all laws and regulations. Some companies even do HR audits before they make a strategic change to get insights about their strengths and weaknesses.

That said, companies should get one of the best HRIS software India has that comes with an audit trail feature to make the aforementioned tasks easier for HR managers.


Benefits of Audit Trail Feature

Here are some of the top advantages a company can acquire by relying on HRIS software offering audit trail feature:

  • Gives Quantitative Data

Time and again, HR managers are expected to present their insights with data. And, HR audits provide them an opportunity to show the real picture of current HR systems to the business with numbers and quantitative insights. Rather than saying, I think the employees are not happy with the current performance management system, with an audit trail feature, they can clearly show the accurate number/percentage who are not satisfied and why.

  • Removes Obliviousness

HR managers should always feel like they are on the right path but there is always a scope for improvement. Now, an audit trail feature can be considered as a third-party view for HRs that will provide them with a different perspective. This will help them to look at things from a new view and build the right picture to take better as well as informed decisions. In simpler words, the feature allows them to come out of the obliviousness by making them observe the hidden aspects.

  • Updates HRs

The rapidly changing world of work and the dynamic business ecosystem requires HR managers to stay ahead of the curve. The policies need to be upgraded, the solutions have to be revised, and if needed new dimensions have to be added. In such a situation, the audit trail feature can help HR managers to stay informed and organized along the way.

In essence, if a company invests in one of the top-notch HRIS software India has that offers an audit trail feature, its HR department will never have to fret and juggle through the documents during audits. They will be empowered to view every change done to any policy of their company from the beginning of the date with the Audit trail feature and stay compliant.

The audit trail feature has the potential to help HR professionals not only get to the bottom of all the challenges holding their people and business back but also identify the new roads of opportunities that will take their business to greater heights.

We hope this blog helped you to understand why an audit trail feature is important in human resource information systems.

Zaraki Kenpachi