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What are some of the best boxes for Kodi?

Kodi has come a long way in the past few years. Once upon a time, Kodi was called XBMC. A company came along and made this media center application viral with a device known as the G-Box. That company was Matricom, who still to this day sells one of the world’s top-selling Android set-top boxes.

Now that Kodi is here to stay, we might as well get acquainted and decide on some of the best hardware for this amazing software. Since there’s a lot of Kodi Boxes to choose from, we’ll keep it simple with our favorite choices: The G-Box and the OmniStick S8X – both of which are available from Matricom.

G-Box Q3 – The high-end Kodi Android TV Box

You’re probably already familiar with the G-Box, after all, it’s been making headlines in the streaming industry since 2011. The first G-Box that came out was known as the G-Box Midnight. The following products that came after were the MX2 and then the Q series. The G-Box Q has seen years of updates and brings us to today with the G-Box Q3. This box is unlike any of the boxes you’ll see coming out of China. It’s refined, powerful, affordable, optimized for Kodi and has a user base of millions of happy customers. This means you can find thousands of videos and articles online about how to use it and ways to hack it. In this case, the Q3 doesn’t really need an introduction. Therefore if you’re looking for the best Kodi box that runs Android, the Q3 is certainly it.

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OmniStick S8X – Lean, Mean, Kodi-running Machine

This little stick is akin to the Firestick by Amazon – with one very important difference. It’s specially designed for Kodi. The OmniStick has an OS which is known as LibreELEC, which is an operating system designed specifically for Kodi. This means there’s no Android getting in your way. This is a Kodi lover’s dream device. It’s very fast and gets straight to the point. Since it’s release in 2024 there’s already been 2 version updates. This is a very active device with a strong community of developers behind it. So, if you’re looking for the perfect Kodi streaming device, go for the OmniStick S8X. This device is by far our favorite device for running a lean version of Kodi. Oh, and all the Kodi addons we’ve tried so far work GREAT on the OmniStick.

There you have it, two of our favorite products for Kodi. To no surprise, both of these devices are made by Matricom. We’ve tested hundreds of other products and every time we end up coming back to a Matricom product since they are the only brand that is not only optimized for Kodi but also affordable, offers a great warranty, real customer support and provide regular updates for their products. These things are very important since there are literally hundreds of crappy Chinese boxes out there. None of these Chinese boxes have anything – no updates, no support, no warranty, nothing. So be wise when you’re picking a box for Kodi!

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