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Top 5 Property Management Software of 2024

When you are a property manager, you must keep track of everything from collecting rent to making sure maintenance is up to date, which can be a difficult task. That’s where property management software comes in. You can use it to make sure everything is where it needs to be month to month.

Whether your rental property is commercial property or residential, there is property management software out there to meet your needs. What are your options for software for landlords? Well, read on for the top five property management software of 2024!

1. TenantCloud

TenetCloud features online rental applications, as well as vacancy marketing, tenant screening, and contact management. Other functions include insurance tracking, creating maintenance requests, and creating an online lease agreement! The software offers two subscription plans.

TenetCloud’s free plan lets you manage up to 75 units, with one administrator account and one renter’s agreement online. Their $9/month starter plan allows for 150 rentals, one administrator account, and thirty rental agreement templates. Both plans allow you to create your own website to list your properties or post on TenetCloud’s own listing service, as well as a host of other listing websites.

2. Buildium

Buildium was created by property managers to better meet their needs and gives property managers all the tools they need to manage their properties remotely. While there is no free version, they do offer a fifteen-day free trial. After that, prices start at $50/month for 150 units.

The maximum number of units they offer is five thousand units for $1,080/month. They also offer an annual billing discount of ten percent. The goal of Buildium, like this site, is to streamline the entire process of managing your property.

3. MRI Software

MRI Software is geared more towards commercial property rather than residential but is easy to use and the company is considered very reliable. While residential managers can use MRI Software, they would be leaving too many features unused, even as they pay for them. It is better suited as management software for fifty commercial units or more.

There is no free trial, and to get a quote you need to do a phone interview with the company. While unconventional, many reviews applaud this process and mention that what they are quoted is quite reasonable. MRI Software is regarded as one of the best commercial property management software out there.

4. Propertyware

Rated as best for single-family homes, Propertyware is great at handling large single-family renter portfolios. You can, in fact, manage more than two hundred and fifty properties through the software. As of this writing, they have three tiers of service: basic, plus, and premium.

5. AppFolio

A popular tool for landlords that manage large portfolios, AppFolio has a minimum monthly fee of $250 and an extensive set of pay-as-you-go features. AppFolio supports residential properties, commercial property, as well as student housing and homeowners associations. The service has a $400 startup fee, which makes it a bad fit for small rental portfolios.

Best Property Management Software

There are property management software options out there for everyone. If you have a small residential portfolio or a thick commercial one, you can find one that suits your needs!

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