Why Should You Choose Magento Solutions for Your Ecommerce Requirements?
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Why Should You Choose Magento Solutions for Your Ecommerce Requirements?

Magento is a major solution that is getting more and more popularity today, at a time when more and more people are turning to e-commerce websites for their daily shopping requirements. The situation is especially being felt when the Covid-19 pandemic has made offline shopping almost impossible in many places. There are plenty of options available for the development of e-commerce sites, and Magento remains a leader among these. It is being used to create a sizable percentage of the total number of e-commerce websites out there. These are a few reasons why you should choose Magento Solutions for building an ecommerce platform

Open Source

Magento Enterprise Edition and Magento Community Edition are two of the important versions of Magento, and both of these platforms are open source by nature. This platform can be used by developers for making custom websites with no extra expenses for licensing. It is flexible to customize and its features can be used free of cost. Also, it can freely be programmed according to specific business requirements. 

SEO optimized platform 

After you launch your online retail store, it has to be outstanding from the competition and be able to get good rankings on organic searches. This platform is SEO-optimized, which is one of its major benefits. You only need to download its most up-to-date version. Its new releases and updates come with the best SEO features that happen to have utmost relevance. 

Full security

The owner of an online store built of Magento does not have to be concerned about the store’s security. Web development with Magento is fully encrypted, and full security is offered for the data of customers and users. It can include PCI-compliant Payment Bridge of a very secure form. There is no data loss, given that even the task of legacy migration can stay fully secure. There are important security features in the platform, such as strong password management and non-default admin URL. 

Convenience of development

There are plenty of widgets and extensions in Magento that can be accessed easily by developers. These can help improve the integrated features in the platform. These can help accelerate the pace of development, and also assist in integrating run of the mill features as fast as possible. Naturally, the time for marketing can be speeded up. At present, two of the biggest and most widely used extensions for Magento are Full Page Cache and Google Tag Manager. 

Fantastic scalability

Regardless of the scale or size of items that you feature on a web-based store, it is possible to get a very effective performance with Magento with no downtime, lags or delays. This can make it easier for you to grow your online store and allow you to serve all your individual business requirements. 

There are various features – such as the ability to add various useful items to the online store. It can make sure that the experience of shopping is not hindered by growth. 

Responsive design

As any Dynamics CRM Consultant would tell you, with this kind of platform, retailers can sell across various mediums – such as mobile phones, tablets or desktop. Even then, they can offer an experience that is consistent and smooth. It can help them to increase their reach and customer base. The platform consists of mobile device users, although a better user experience is assured due to the seamless viewing experience.  

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