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How Snowflake Data is helping finding new ways for a better future?

Companies perish in the data. Often valuable data. But getting really useful information from it is still not done enough. Discover how data can increase productivity and support and improve your business processes.

90 percent of all data that is currently available, originated in the past two to three years. We are almost drowning in data and its exponential growth does not seem to be coming to an end for the time being. No one will deny that data offers valuable insights to optimize business processes and innovate your business. But then you have to know how to get it out.

What also doesn’t help is that most of the data is unstructured. How do you deal with this, so that it becomes possible to increase productivity with the help of data?

Snowflake unveils the Data Cloud so organizations can connect, collaborate and add value with data. Snowflake is also announcing new product features for the Snowflake Cloud Data Platform – the technology that powers the Data Cloud.

Centralize and unlock data sets

For many companies, the most interesting data comes from machines and sensors, although the sales and service department today also produces enough data that can be of value to optimize processes and working methods. Think of information about recurring complaints, which can be used to improve a product or process.

Only a fraction of companies are able to uncover and analyze data. They lack tooling to centralize and access their growing datasets. And once the data is available, no less than 67 percent of it is not even used for analysis.

Make data easily and quickly accessible

The market for big data initiatives is currently booming. One of the most important players is India Snowflake companies, which with its cloud data platform offers a solution for the secure storage of data, which can then be used by different teams. It is an integrated and scalable platform that enables a multitude of different types of data workloads.

With the help of Snowflake’s Data Cloud, data can easily be shared both within and outside the organization, making data monetizing possible. In other words, making financial benefits from your data.

The cloud data platform supports a virtually unlimited number of users, who can leverage business intelligence, data science and machine learning without sacrificing governance.

The strength of the platform is that the right data is mobilized. Matters that are irrelevant or privacy-sensitive are not taken into consideration. In addition, you have direct access to your data and it can be processed much faster, because everything is in a central place. So no more staring at loading screens for hours.

Using the power of data intelligently

The Data Cloud offers numerous data options. Governments, healthcare organisations and companies have used Snowflake datasets COVID-19 to help them manage the world pandemic, including their attempts to contain the spread, to decide where vital resources are required, and where social distancing actions can be relaxed without raising the probability of future outbreaks.

There are, in short, endless possibilities in which data can support and improve your business processes. The right tools, in combination with a clear vision and strategy, India Snowflake companies help you harness the power of data to become more productive and future-proof.

Zaraki Kenpachi