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Addison Lee offer to buy black taxi provider ComCab

Addison Lee, London private hire business, recently announced an agreement to purchase black taxi provider ComCab.

The move is intended to build London’s biggest private hire and taxi firm, exceeding 7,000 vehicles.

This acquisition sees Addison Lee take ownership of the London operations of City Fleet Networks, Computer Cab plc (ComCab) and Flightlink International from ComfortDelGro Corporation. 

This acquisition will make Addison Lee the largest private hire and taxi company in London, in addition to being the biggest same day courier business in London. Following the completion, all customers will be able to book either a car, taxi or courier service, all from one single platform.

Addison Lee CEO, Liam Griffin stated: “I am sure there’ll be several raised eyebrows at this deal, especially since Addison Lee and black taxis were seen as competitors once. However, the industry in which we operate has changed significantly and this joinging of forces combines the 2 best companies in our sectors whom s=-hare the same values on quality of service, the customers that we serve and the crucial importance of all drivers. We have always considered the black taxi as our benchmark, and it is now a real privilege to be able to work alongside them.

“As London finally awakes from the pandemic, there’s going to be a massive increase in the demand for quality and safe transport from both consumers and corporates. The London black taxi is a true London icon and famously renowned as the best taxi service in the world. By merging Addison Lee and Com Cab together, we further cement our position as the market leader in corporate ground transportation and it will allow us to meet the need for quality transport and excellence in a way that none of our competitors can.” 

Rudy Tand, CityFleet Networks CEO, said: “We are very excited to be joining forces with a strong brand like Addison Lee, that share many of our principle values. By coming together with Addison Lee, all our customers will have greater access to a wider choice of premium transport options, whilst our Hackney Carriage Black Cab drivers will gain access to an ever-growing pool of customers and much more opportunities at work. Maintaining the ComCab branding will forever preserve our status as the leading taxi operator throughout London.”

Zaraki Kenpachi