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10 Tips for Online Shopping on Black Friday

Planning to do your online shopping on Black Friday this year? On Black Friday and Internet Monday, thousands of sites promise the best prices and the best options. To get the best deals online this holiday season, make it a habit to take precautions when shopping online. If you follow these shopping tips, your online shopping experience will be simpler, easier, more productive, and safer.


  1. Use a credit card.


 Choose a card for all your online purchases. Using the card allows you to easily see any fraud and/or unauthorized charges. Also, if possible, use a card that pays rewards like travel, gas, and food rewards.


  1. Document your online purchases. 


Print a copy of both the order confirmation (receipt) and the order page (before clicking on the submit page).


  1. Save all emails.


 Online retailers will email your order confirmation and/or shipping information. Keep these emails until you are completely satisfied with your purchases.


  1. Avoid identity theft. 


Do not provide credit numbers or any personal information via email. why? Emails are not secure and identity thieves often turn to customer service representatives to obtain your payment information. Use one secure, encrypted website to collect your data. have a peek here The secure site represents a lock on the lower right side of the site.


  1. Report fraud immediately.


 If you suspect fraud or other wrongdoing, report your credit card company immediately. You may also contact the Federal Trade Commission (877-382-4357) to report any fraudulent activity.


  1. Use the website’s customer service number.


If you have a question that is not resolved by the site, feel free to use the customer service number. Ask your questions before placing your order.


  1. Read the site policies.

 Before making a purchase, read the website’s return and exchange policies, as well as the shipping, privacy, and security pages. Also, use the Frequently Asked Questions section of the site (if any) because once you place your order you agree to the site’s terms and conditions.


  1. Avoid unwanted requests.


 Many shopping sites will ask you if you are interested in receiving newsletters, coupons, and/or other promotional materials from them or third parties. The default answer is “yes”, so be sure to change this answer to “no” to avoid junk email and spam.


  1. Reporting bad business practices.


 If you have had a bad experience with an online retailer, file a report with the Better Business Bureau.


  1. Compare purchases and use product review sites. 


Visits before you buy. You can increase the joy of Black Friday and reduce buyers’ remorse.


Remember, with a little planning and research you can enjoy the holidays. Also, remember that online shopping can have great results, don’t forget to look up the old Black Friday: scan ads in Thanksgiving circulars and check out local publications.

Zaraki Kenpachi