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With today’s technology, there are plenty of businesses – if not all, that worry about the security breach, theft and other losses of information. These types of security breaches include data loss, privacy invasion, and losing intellectual property which can lead to a serious revenue issue in the long run.

Security risks like these will severely damage a business’ reputation so its necessary to find a solution. Finding the right security solution to these problems mentioned above will help protect a company from potential breaches.

Before we proceed, it is important to mention that there are different types of security solutions or systems that can help with protecting your business’ assets and prevent further damage and losses. There are different types of security alarms, video surveillance for every business branch, and hiring a top security agency for arming your business and protecting it from invaders.

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One of the most important ones is to protect a business from cyber-security threats. Most of the attacks that happen today happen right underneath a company’s nose – right in their network. Year by year, hackers’ methods continuously grows more sophisticated. It is crucial that a business’ security strategy grows as well.

In this article, we focus on the security risks threatening your mobile network.

There are a wide variety of potential security threats in a mobile connection. When you call or text your friends or when you call your family when you are roaming in another country your handset exchange Signalling messages with your mobile network. These Signalling messages are what attackers try to manipulate to do fraudulent calls, intercept your SMS messages, etc.

These security risks mentioned above put a mobile network operator at risk, no matter how big or small they are. Cyber attackers try to hack your cellular connection continuously around the clock, so it’s crucial for your mobile operator to protect you against Spamming, Phishing, Fraud, Spoofing, Faking, SMiShing (SMS Phishing) and more. The cybersecurity protection in your mobile network should be continuously active to identify and stop any new unidentified threats. What your mobile network does is examine every signaling message (texts, calls, email, etc.) and scan it to see if there are anything that could threaten the mobile subscribers.

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This contextual awareness systems prevent any cyber threat from using mobile connections of a company to hack the information. The Security Solutions in Overall Signalling provided by your mobile network operator protect your company phones from signaling threats.

According to valuable research from Kataku, about 62 percent of cyber attack victims are the minor businesses who never thought they needed protection. No doubt that everyone is now a target for cyber attacks, and everyone is in danger of losing valuable assets because of these attacks

It is time to let that negative intuition go. The good news is there are some companies like Cellusys out there that their expertise to help mobile operators to secure their networks against signaling attacks. It is time to ask your Mobile Operator what they do for protecting you and your colleagues against Signalling attacks?

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