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Steps To File For Two-wheeler Insurance Accident Claim

Two-wheelers account for around 76% of traffic across India’s urban areas. However, a significant number of these still remain uninsured, endangering both the owner and others on the road. Two-wheeler owners with a proper bike insurance policy can claim financial assistance whenever they are involved in an accident.

Nonetheless, policyholders should be aware of the claim procedure to take advantage of policy benefits effectively.

Two ways of filing a two-wheeler insurance policy claim

Policyholders can choose to avail bike insurance policy benefits in one of the following ways – 

  • Reimbursement claim – In this form of claim, the policyholder must bear the cost of bike repairs from his own pocket and later file a claim for such expenses from his/her motorcycle insurance provider. This can be a difficult process, especially if the repair costs are substantial.
  • Cashless claim – Every insurance company maintains an association with a wide network of partner garages. When policyholders seek repairs at one of these outlets, they do not need to pay for such work. The insurance provider directly settles the bill with the garage in question.

Keep in mind that individuals with an online third party bike insurance policy cannot claim own-damage expenses from their insurers. Thus, for these policyholders, all claims must be reimbursement ones.

Detailed process to file a bike insurance policy claim

Regardless of the company you choose as your insurance provider, the following process remains identical when filing a claim.

  • Step 1: If the accident involves another vehicle, note its registration number.
  • Step 2: File an FIR concerning the accident and acquire a copy of the same. This is essential documentation necessary to file a claim.
  • Step 3: Also, make a note of detailed information on this accident, including time, date and eyewitness information, if any.
  • Step 4: Inform your insurance providing company regarding the incident. You can choose to file a claim online if your insurer provides such a facility. Otherwise, one can also contact his/her provider through a phone call.
  • Step 5: Provide all documents as requested by your insurance provider. While claiming two-wheeler insurance online, you may need to upload scanned copies of such documents.

Policyholders should also know about the common documents necessary to file a claim on their bike insurance policy.

List of documents to file a claim

Before initiating a 2 Wheeler insurance policy claim process, ensure you have the following paperwork ready – 

  • Copy of your driver’s license
  • Insurance policy papers
  • Insured vehicle’s RC photocopy
  • Copy of policy complaint

Additionally, you would need to submit the bills or receipts of repair expenses when claiming through a reimbursement process. Also, a separate set of documents are necessary while filing a claim for theft of an insured bike. These include – 

  • Original insurance documents
  • Tax receipts
  • RC
  • FIR report’s copy
  • Theft declaration certificate from the local RTO
  • An intimation letter declaring vehicular theft and discontinuation of usage
  • Forms 30, 28 and 29 signed and duly filled up

Common reasons for bike insurance policy claim rejection

The following are some valid reasons that can lead to motor insurance policy rejection – 

  • RC-related discrepancies

In some cases, a vehicle’s registered owner may be different from its insurance policyholder. Such situations often lead to claim rejections. Ensure that no such discrepancies exist.

  • Invalid or expired driving license

If the accident occurred while the owner was driving with an expired or invalid driving license, his/her claim request would likely face rejection. Since driving without a legal and valid license is illegal, no insurance company would extend financial support to policyholders in such events.

  • Delays in notifying the insurance company

Informing your private or commercial bike insurance provider at the earliest after a mishap is essential to claim monetary assistance. Any unnecessary delays in such notifications can lead to complications with your filed claim or even rejection.

The above-listed pointers are just some of the things to avoid when looking for financial aid from your two-wheeler insurance company. Additionally, keep an eye on policy expiry dates to ensure continued coverage at all times.




Zaraki Kenpachi