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river Ganges as deaths pass 250,000 on India’s deadliest day

Bodies of COVID-19 victims have washed up on riverbanks in India as the country endured its deadliest day of the pandemic so far.

Scores of corspes have been found on the banks of the holy Ganges river, as 4,205 people were declared dead from coronavirus yesterday.

Grieving relatives, their villages stripped of firewood, have been forced to simply place their loved ones in the water, rather than cremate them in traditional Hindu style.

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Image: A woman mourns after seeing the body of her son who died after catching COVID-19 in New Delhi, India

The number of dead was a daily record and took the country’s total fatalities past a quarter of a million.

The number of infections rose by 348,421 in the 24 hours to Wednesday, carrying that tally past 23 million, the health ministry said.

Under severe pressure from new and deadlier variants of COVID-19, India’s health system has been overwhelmed during the second wave which began in February.









Zaraki Kenpachi