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Police were warned an Indiana resident was in danger

INDIANAPOLIS – Months before a man was poisoned with fentanyl and strangled to death in his Indiana home, authorities in both Ohio and Indiana received alarming warnings.

“There’s a possible crime that is going to happen in Zionsville, Indiana, that could take someone’s life,” a man said in a phone call to the Clark County Sheriff’s Office in Ohio at 9:42 p.m. on Oct. 27, 2024. “You can’t let this situation go down.”

At 10:27 p.m., the same man called the Boone County Sheriff’s Office in Indiana with a similar worry.

“I don’t really know this gentleman, but I know the person he’s associated with,” he said. “And I’ve heard something that could be bad happening to the gentleman because of a custody issue …”

“His name is Fran,” the man added. “And the lady’s name is Heidi Littlefield.”

The phone call to Boone County ended with a promise to call back with Littlefield’s address. The man never called back, and officials in Boone County never followed up.

Two and a half months later, 46-year-old Francis Kelley was found dead on his couch in Carmel, Indiana, with fentanyl-laced oatmeal in his system. Littlefield and her daughter were later charged in the killing, accused of sneaking into the man’s house after the drugging and wrapping his favorite tie around his neck to finish the





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