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Para-Table Tennis Paralympic 2024 Live Stream Online Free TV – World Qualification Tournament (HD)

Para table tennis is no exception, the key date in question being ready for Wednesday 25th August, the first day of play in the Tokyo 2024 Paralympic Games.Plans to return events of all kinds to their places in society, following the disruption caused by the pandemic, are very much growing themes; so-called roadmaps are on the agenda. Deadlines Please respect the following.

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Making sure that prior to the first ball being hit in anger in the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, the fact all qualification procedures are completed weeks in advance, is now a matter of priority.

The situation in many countries of the world is still uncertain; therefore, the International Table Tennis Federation and the International Paralympic Committee have agreed to postpone the World Qualification tournament, to be staged in the Tri Lilije Sports Hall in Lasko, Slovenia, from the originally scheduled for Thursday 3rd June to Saturday 5th June.

Paralympic World Qualification Tournament 2024 Live Stream

Similarly, the Bipartite application process has been extended to Friday 9th April.

Very much, Slovenia is the focus of attention as the Para calendar for the year is detailed; from Saturday 29th May to Tuesday 1st June, the venue will stage the established Slovenia Para Open, an event the Tri Lilije Sports Hall has hosted most successfully for the past 15 years.

Thus, the players will not face a tournament as critical as the World Qualification event on their return to action but will be able to compete in an international event that will take place in the same hall, in the same environment and with the same accommodation available.

Understandably interest is high, but the enthusiasm is not just restricted to Tokyo.

Many local organising committees have expressed their intention to hold events in 2024, a potential 17 open international tournaments plus the Paralympic Games form and intense calendar. It is a situation that clearly pleases Pablo Pérez, the ITTF Para Table Tennis Events and Classification Manager but with words of caution.

“Among the local organising committees, we are glad to see that France will host an event in November with the idea of gaining experience before Paris 2024. We are very excited about it but keeping in mind that the ITTF competition department is continuously monitoring the situation of the pandemic worldwide. In the case of a serious incidence of the virus in one specific country or area, the calendar may be changed, dates modified or if necessary, even cancelled.” Pablo Perez

Amendments may still be needed but clearly, there is an atmosphere of adapting, finding solutions, looking forward; as they say: “where there’s a will, there’s a way”, never more true, never more the attitude required.

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Classification services provided
As per request by the International Paralympic Committee, classification will be offered only to athletes whose Sport Class Status is Review and have been previously appointed by the classification manager. Players who have been required for classification must arrive to the hotel no later that 14:00 on 01/06/2021. For any inquiries regarding this matter, please, contact [email protected]

Covid-19 information
Hotel Thermana Park Lasko will be booked exclusively for participants of the Paralympic WQT. Before checking in, all participants will be provided by medical staff with a quick antigen test on arrival (free of charge). Only participants tested positive for COVID-19 will be sent to the PCR test (also free of charge). Any participant needing a PCR test before returning to his or her country (due to airline request or border patrols) will be offered to be tested during the tournament (to be paid by the participant).

In case any participant is tested positive with the PCR test, he or she will be isolated in a different hotel (Hotel Zdravilišče Laško located at walking distance). Additional accommodation costs incurred during the isolation will be paid by the participant.

Full information related to covid-19 can be found in the prospectus.

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