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Genomic tests support theory Melbourne man acquired virus in SA hotel quarantine

Genomic sequencing on the Melbourne man’s case of COVID-19 supports the theory that the infection was acquired in an Adelaide quarantine hotel.
Health officials previously stated the man in his 30s may have picked up the virus at the Playford Hotel due to another person testing positive in the adjacent room.
Other theories included a “very long” incubation period.
“Genomic sequencing results on this new case have been reported to the Department, and they support the hypothesis that the Victorian case acquired COVID-19 in an interstate hotel quarantine facility,” a Department of Health statement read.
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There are fears hundreds of people could have been exposed to the coronavirus-infected Melbourne man on a train on Friday night.
Health Minister Martin Foley said the infected man’s trip on a train from Flinders Street to Craigieburn coincided with the end of an AFL game between Richmond and Geelong.
Consequently, the Department of Health is reaching out to both clubs as a means of reaching fans who may have been exposed.
So far, nobody else has tested positive for coronavirus in the state since yesterday’s new case.
The man travelled from Craigieburn to Southern Cross station which departed at 5.28pm on May 7.
He then returned to Craigieburn from Flinders Street station at 10.20pm.
All passengers on the trains, no matter what carriage and where they boarded and alighted, need to get tested and stay isolated until they return a negative test.

Zaraki Kenpachi