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What are the Treatment and Prevention Options for Spider Veins?

Spider veins may not be harmful, but they certainly look unattractive. There are treatment options that can eliminate the unattractive veins and leave you looking better. Spider veins can indicate problems with your veins, but they certainly have ways of eliminating them. Your doctor may involve medical equipment like compression stockings to gently apply pressure on your legs, laser therapy, and sclerotherapy. You will take some time before you can see visible results, and they will show after weeks of treatment, for example you check spider veins Land O Lakes treatment center.

Compression Stockings

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The stockings are made fit while stretching to squeeze your leg gently. The pressure they give to your legs and ankles promotes blood flow from the legs to your heart. Compression stockings reduce the diameter of veins when they increase the volume of blood flow. They also prevent the backflow of blood to the feet into superficial veins and promote blood flow to the heart. The stockings may also relieve pain and swelling around your legs and ankles. There are different types of stockings like graduated, anti-embolism, and nonmedical support hosiery.


The treatment involves the injection of a solution into your veins, causing the spider vein to scar, and then the vein will collapse. Blood will then change direction and flow through your healthier veins. During the procedure, you may experience minor cramping when your doctor injects the solution, but if you feel a lot of pain, inform your doctor immediately. You will have to walk around after your treatment to avoid blood clotting. Your doctor may recommend compression stockings to maintain pressure on the legs after treatment.

Endovenous Laser Therapy

The treatment involves using heat to treat spider veins. Your doctor may recommend stopping taking some medications and supplements before your procedure. During treatment, your doctor will numb your legs and make a hole in the treatment area. Your doctor will insert a catheter into your vein, transmitting heat to the affected vein until it closes off. After treatment, your doctor will take out the catheter and may put a compression stocking on the treatment area.


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You can adopt certain lifestyle habits that help prevent the worsening of existing spider veins and stop new ones from developing. Prevention tips may include, firstly, maintaining a healthy weight. A healthy weight ensures that you put little pressure on your veins, thus enabling blood to flow well. Secondly, participate in regular physical activities to prevent blood pooling and improve circulation. You can also keep your legs elevated when sitting down to prevent the pooling of blood. Thirdly, you should avoid wearing too tight clothing that may restrict blood flow, increasing your risk for spider veins. Additionally, you should always be in contact with a dermatologist if you have skin conditions that are likely to cause spider veins.

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