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Major Causes of Low Birth Weight

LBW or low birth weight is a serious problem in today’s world. In India, two newborns out of 10 newborns are premature or LBW. Some babies are somehow healthy but some of them face so many serious health issues. The natural body weight of a newborn is 2.5-2.9 kg. When your baby is less than the average body weight, the baby will be LBW. It is very important to focus on your baby’s healthy weight gain and take care of your baby. Your body weight during the pregnancy is the major factor for consideration in the cure of LBW and the baby’s growth.

Causes of Low Birth Weight:

The primary cause of low birth weight is early arriving or poor development during pregnancy or both. Lots of newborns are low weight just because of their genetics. There are also so many different reasons such as:

Preterm birth:

 It is one of the major reasons for LBW. About two-thirds of all low beginning weight toddlers are preterm or born earlier than the thirty-seventh week of being pregnant. Nearly all very low beginning weight toddlers are premature.


Regarding 1/3 of a child’s beginning weight is decided through genes, so in case you or your companion turned into a small child, there’s a more risk your child could be born small also. Chromosomal abnormalities, at the side of coronary heart defects, also can be reason IUGR and occasional beginning weight

Placenta problems:

If the placenta of the body does not get sufficient oxygen or vitamins to a child or the blood of the placenta deliver is impaired, she might also additionally develop at a slower charge at some stage in being pregnant

Carrying multiples:

If you are sporting a couple of children, the distance inside your uterus can be able to get restricted quickly, that’s why 60 percent of twins are born premature and often at a low beginning weight. Approximately, twins are introduced at around 35 or 36 weeks along with weighing approximately 5.5 pounds

Lower growth during the pregnancy:

Gaining much less than the encouraged quantity of weight at some stage in being pregnant can bring about a child who’s born next to a low beginning weight. Talk for your fitness care issuer when you have a record of an ingesting disorder, are suffering to advantage the encouraged quantity of weight within the 2nd or 1/3 trimesters, are dropping weight within the first trimester, or have excessive morning illness and can’t preserve down any meals at any factor at some stage in being pregnant

Substance abuse:

Drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes, the usage of illicit capsules, and also abusing prescription medicinal drugs at some stage in being pregnant can inhibit a child’s boom within the womb, mainly to IUGR with a low beginning weight child.

Infections and medical conditions during pregnancy:

Another reason is chronic health situations and infections at some stage in being pregnant. Having excessive blood stress or coronary heart sickness at some stage in being pregnant — or infections just like the flu, rubella, syphilis, toxoplasmosis or cytomegalovirus, — might also additionally reason IUGR, which could bring about a low beginning weight.

Certain medications:

Be certain your practitioner is aware of in case you are taking several prescriptionss or over-the-counter medicines, dietary supplements, or natural treatments at some stage in being pregnant. Some medicinal drugs, along with the ones used to deal with epilepsy, excessive blood clots and blood stress can affect a child’s boom within the womb, therefore your medical doctor might also additionally need to replace you with an extra being pregnant-pleasant option.

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