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Hyalorinedase-hard to pronounce, easy for your skin.

Are you looking for the best skin treatments? Did you come across the word hyaluronidase? Whether you are able to say it properly or not, it is an important substance for your skincare.

Hyaluronidase is a protein enzyme that is essential to use for your skin treatment if you are going for dermal filler. It is responsible for breaking down the hyaluronic acid that is present in the face filler injections. It enhances the tissue permeability and splits the molecular bonds that keep the hyaluronic acid together.

Hyaluronidase is essential to dissolve the dermal fillers. But why do we need to dissolve the face fillers?

The most common reasons to reverse the fillers are:

  • When your skin has too many fillers.
  • Reverse the undesired results of dermal fillers.
  • To get rid of bumps and lumps on the treated area.

How does hyaluronidase work? 

Hyaluronidase injections enhance the shape of your face. It is present in our bodies. Therefore, when injected into it, your body accepts it easily. Hyaluronidase substance is extremely safe and secure to use. It is commonly used for dissolving dermal fillers.

There are a number of hyaluronidase injections available in the market. You need to make sure that you get them from the most reliable source. The best hyaluronidase injections can reverse the effects of dermal fillers within 24 to 48 hours.

Once the substance is injected into the body, the treated area gets back to its previous shape before the dermal filler was injected.

What is the procedure of hyaluronidase injection? 

If you recently got your wrinkles treated and you are not happy with the results, you can opt for going through the hyaluronidase procedure. However, only your doctor could tell whether it is suitable for you or not. Your skin needs to be ready to get the injection.

In most cases, if the dermal fillers do not give you the desired results, a specialist or a licensed expert recommends you to use hyaluronidase injection.

Bear in mind that before getting the hyaluronidase injection, you need to have a thorough consultation and examination. If you are someone who suffers from allergic reactions, you might be allergic to hyaluronidase.

What are the risks of hyaluronidase? 

Although dermal filler is a minimally invasive nonsurgical treatment, there are risks involved. Similarly, there is the risk of hyaluronidase. It is safe and benign but it is not risk-free. When injected into your body you might have to deal with redness, swelling, sudden unwanted discomfort.

If you are someone who is never exposed to the hyaluronidase substance before, it is best to get a small patch test on your arm. This gives the doctor an idea that the patient is not allergic to the injection. If you ever got an allergic reaction to the stung of a bee, you might get an allergic reaction to this injection.

The hyaluronidase injection can be injected after 2 days if you don’t get the desired result. Moreover, if you want to get the dermal filler treatment again, you need to wait for at least 2 weeks.

Is dermal filler treatment right for you? 

Dermal filler cannot completely transform your face. It will help you reduce the wrinkle but it will not change your look. Make sure that if you are planning to get the dermal filler treatment done, you set realistic outcomes. Dermal filler is going to proportionate your face.

Only a professional doctor or a consultant can let you know whether the treatment is suitable for you. You need to understand the procedure and risks involved when you are opting to get the dermal filler injected into your body.

You should make an informed decision. It is always best to reduce the risk of using hyaluronidase. However, during emergency situations, when you are not satisfied with the results, you can get rid of the fillers with hyaluronidase.

A qualified doctor will give you the pre and post-procedure knowledge that would reduce the risk of complications. It is always best to prevent the risks and side effects than to find a cure. Therefore, you should understand the dermal filler procedure thoroughly before deciding to go ahead with it. For more information, you should visit the store that sells dermal filler and hyaluronisdase injections.


Hyaluronidase is a substance that is used for the emergency purpose to change the outcome of the aesthetic treatment. It needs to be used with good judgment and proper evaluation. Doctors need to monitor their patients to avoid the risk of adverse effects.

Zaraki Kenpachi