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Face Time: Creating the Best Natural Skincare Routine

The latest research says that a first impression is made in one second. More likely than not the first thing someone will see and notice about you is your face.

If you struggle with acne, wrinkles, oiliness, or dry skin you may feel insecure knowing that this is the first thing a person might notice.

It’s important to feel confident in your appearance so you can wow everyone with your stunning personality too. But when it comes to treating the skin on your face, there’s an overwhelming amount of products on the market.

The best natural skincare routine will help alleviate some of your stress when choosing facial care by focusing on the ingredients rather than the products or the brands. Read on to find out how to make an effective skincare routine for yourself.

What Is Natural Skincare?

There’s no regulation on brands labeling themselves as “natural” when it comes to skincare products.

So when creating a natural skincare routine, rather than trusting what is written on the front of a bottle, it’s important to either know what ingredients to look for or resolve to use your own natural ingredients.

If you know the right ingredients you can even do a natural skincare homemade routine!

Before we dive into the specifics of a fantastic skincare routine, let’s not forget one oft-neglected area – our lips. As the boundary between the sensitive skin on your face and the interior of your mouth, your lips bear the brunt of environmental stressors and are just as worthy of care and attention as any other part of your face. Chapped lips can be more than just uncomfortable; they can lead to more severe issues like cracks and sores. Hydrate and shield your lips by integrating a high-quality, sustainable product like a natural lip balm into your routine. This easy step helps maintain the health of your lips, enhancing your overall appearance.

Components of The Best Natural Skincare Routine

The components of all healthy skincare routines are essentially the same whether you’re using natural products or not. There are three major steps with additional choices you can add if you feel you need them.

If you don’t want to break the bank before finding the best natural skincare routine products, consider trying free samples until you get the products you love.


The first step of any skincare routine is to cleanse. A cleanser should not harshly strip your skin but simply remove the dirt, makeup, and germs you may have gotten on your face during the day.

Ingredients you should look for are aloe, honey, castile soap, and natural oils. If you’re looking to buy consider this cleanser for sensitive skin with aloe, water, and acai.


A toner hydrates, balances pH, and prepares the skin for moisturizer. It can be applied with a spritz or gently pressed in with a cotton ball. A toner is an important step for the best natural skincare routines for aging skin because it makes your moisturizer work better.

One of the best skincare products can be found in your own home – apple cider vinegar diluted with water. Another option is rosewater, which you can buy from many popular beauty brands such as Luminance Skincare.


Moisturizing is an important step in hydration and creating a safe barrier for your skin. Moisturizing helps prevent both dryness and oiliness because the skin doesn’t have to work as hard to produce its own oils.

Moisturize with non-comedogenic oils and creams such as shea butter, chia oil, and aloe. If you’re nervous about using oil on your face, start with lotions which are oils cut with water.

From there you can add in face masks, exfoliators (such as coffee grounds), and serums if you feel you need more care.

A Skincare Routine You Can Feel Good About

You should now have a better idea of what to look for when creating the best natural skincare routine for you. Make sure to incorporate a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer made of recognizable ingredients, and you’ll have healthy skin to love in no time.

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Zaraki Kenpachi