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The Benefits Of Going Tanning At A Tanning Salon Near East Boca Raton

Do you lust after those gorgeously bronzed bods at the beach and wonder how you would ever be able to become beautifully brown like them with your over-packed daily life?

Well, you don’t have to spend hours on the beach to get that coveted tan.

Tanning is the key

At the Boca Tanning Salon, say bye-bye to your pale skin and kiss your golden-hued skin hello. 

Most good tanning salons like the Boca Tanning Club offer the services of amazing professional staff members with years of experience behind them along with the use of the latest equipment and procedures that will make you feel like a million bucks.

If you are looking for ‘airbrush tanning near me, just type ‘spray Tanning near me and head over to an East Boca Raton salon for the best results.

Once you enter, do talk to your tanning expert in detail. They should be informed about your prior spray tanning experiences, whether good or bad, along with if there is a special event for which you want to Boca Tan yourself. Also, let them know of any specific skin issue you may have. This will help them to prepare for your session accordingly.

Just in case you are pregnant, you must seek your doctor’s advice before heading over to a tanning salon. In case you are a recent mum and are breastfeeding your baby, ask the tanning artist to avoid the use of tanning spray on your nipples.

Once you are through with your Boca tanning session, do know that depending on the kind of solution used, a tan can take anywhere from 12-13 hours to develop fully. In those hours, avoid the water completely. Also, make sure you wear light and loose clothing. Stay away from tight-fitting clothes like jeans, jeggings, form-fitting shirts, etc.

It is usually advised to get a tan in the evening and then sleep away the hours it would take for the tan to develop. You may feel that you are a shade or so darker when you wake up. Do not worry as once you shower off the bronzer, you will have the tan fully developed and a shade lighter.

Even if you do get some colour on your bedlinen, you can wash that away with soap and water. 

Don’t go for a tan just a day or a few hours before the event. Always go a couple of days before so that the colour can set in fully and you can appear super gorgeous.

Most tans last anywhere from a week to 12 days. Since you would wash your face and hands more frequently, those areas will lighten up faster. You can, however, try a couple of things to make your tan last longer, such as taking lukewarm showers, keeping your skin hydrated, and not towelling too hard once out of the water. Just pat your skin dry to help the tan stay on for more time.

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