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Are Waist Trainers Beneficial or Dangerous?

The waist trainers play an important role in a woman’s life. Although the waist trainers are also available for men, women need it more and that’s why the waist trainers for women are best sellers across entire USA. Many women believe that they should wear a waist trainer only if they want a slimmer body but it is not true at all. The waist trainers are useful for abdomen support after childbirth and helpful in postpartum recovery.

We all know that the primary job a waist trainer is to give waist slimming effect and it does that really well. But the best waist trainer can do much more like providing back support, correcting posture, control belly fat & back bulges, uplift breasts and others. However, the waist trainers also have some risks which you should know before blindly jumping into the world of waist training and start wearing a waist trainer.

Waist Trainers for Women: Many Benefits and Some Risks

The waist trainers for women are very effective, they instantly slim your waist size by its high compression material. Like every product in market, the waist trainers have so many benefits but they also have some risks. We will explain both the benefits and risks of a waist trainer to help you understand how to get most out of a waist trainer with least harm to your body.

Top Benefits of Waist Trainers

  1. Hourglass Figure
  2. Enhance Weight Loss
  3. Control Large Meals
  4. Abdomen & Back Support
  5. Correct Posture
  6. Postpartum Support & Recovery

Now, we will explain each benefit of waist trainers in brief to let you know how a waist trainer works to give you all these benefits.

#1. Hourglass Figure:

Every woman wants to shape her body in an ideal way to look more attractive. You may have heard about an hourglass figure, it a glass shaped slimmer in the middle and expanded on top and bottom. With help of the best waist trainer on market, you can get an hourglass figure. Of course, it is going to take time but the waist trainer can reduce 3 to 5 inches instantly when you it for first or second time. To make an hourglass figure you have to wear the waist trainer regularly and combine it with a low-fat diet and a lot of exercise everyday.

#2. Enhance Weight Loss:

In order to shape your body, you have to wear the waist trainer and do some workout exercise everyday. When you do workout when wearing a waist trainer, it generates more heat and makes you sweat more than usual. As a result, you burn more fat & calories and lose more weight. So, the waist trainer encourages you for weight loss.

#3. Control Large Meals:

We have talked to many women who have started wearing a waist trainer in past few weeks. They told us that they were craving for food and eating large meals before waist training. But they go control over their meals after wearing the waist trainer. When you wear a waist trainer for whole day, it keeps your stomach in control and does not allow you to eat large meals. So, it helps you eat less food and do more workout.

#4. Abdomen & Back Support:

We all know that waist trainers slim your waist instantly but they also provide support to your abdomen, sides and back. Some women have frequent back pain problem, while some complain about back pain after workout. When you are wearing the best waist trainer during workout, it provides consistent back support and relief in back pain to keep you comfortable.

#5. Correct Posture:

The waist trainers provide back support and try to keep your back in upright position. As a result, your posture is improved and you get a correct posture when sitting, standing or walking. It makes you more confident and healthy.

#6. Postpartum Support & Recovery:

After childbirth, a woman goes through postpartum phase that lasts for several weeks. During this period, you need consistent support from your spouse, family and a waist trainer. Yes, the waist trainers are very useful to provide postpartum support and recovery.

So, these are the key benefits of waist trainers for women that make your life better.

Some Risks of Waist Trainers

  1. Allergy Issues
  2. Breathing Problems
  3. Discomfort
  4. Weaken Muscles and Organ Damage

Now, we will explain all risks of waist trainers in brief to let you understand how dangerous can a waist trainer be and how you can save yourself from the dangers.

#1. Allergy Issues:

Many women have an allergy to latex, while some are allergic to neoprene. You must know your allergies before you choose a waist trainer from market. If you are allergic to latex then buy 100% latex free best waist trainer for women that is made of neoprene and cotton/nylon & spandex materials.

#2. Breathing Problems:

Some women have complained about difficulty in breathing or shortness of breath after wearing a waist trainer. This happens because you are a beginner in the world of waist trainers and you are wearing is tight. You can fix this problem by choosing the waist trainer a size above and/or adjust the hook & eye closure or velcro that makes you feel breathable and comfortable.

#3. Discomfort:

Every waist trainer comes with 2-3 rows of hook & eye closure so that you can adjust the compression level when wearing it. But you may feel discomfort for a few initial days of waist training. You can fix this issue by a simple technique.

First, buy a waist trainer that is exactly your current waist size or a size above and wear it only for 30 minutes to 1 hour a day. Do it like this for a week so that your body gets habituated with the waist trainer. Once, you are comfortable for wearing the waist trainer for one hour, you can increase the period gradually.

#4. Weaken Muscles and Organ Damage:

When you wear a waist trainer it provides support to your midsection. You need to work on your core muscles to make them stronger. If you don’t work on the core muscles and just keep wearing the waist trainer longer then it can weaken your muscles in long term.

The waist trainers are made to compress your waist and whole midsection to give you an hourglass body. But some women wear it with rigid compression which we never recommend, because it can damage your internal organs. The waist trainers are for support and helping you in weight loss, shaping your waist, lower belly fat and create an overall good body & posture. If you torture your body with a waist trainer then it will damage your internal organs and this damage can be permanent if you keep doing it longer.

Final Verdict:

The waist trainers are a boon and a curse simultaneously. It depends upon how you use it and what are your expectations. We suggest you to buy the best waist trainer and wear it comfortably, combine it with some exercise and healthy diet to get a fit body and a good life ahead. If you ever feel discomfort, pain in midsection or breathing problem then immediately remove the waist trainer.

Zaraki Kenpachi