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How to Create the Right Digital Marketing Goals for Your Company?

Our entire business and private life have undergone a previously unthinkable transformation thanks to digitalization. By converting the analog signal into digital, computerization is performed. In this way, analog, physical things (recordings, photographs, documentation…) can be scanned and used in computer systems. Informatization should not be confused with digitization.

The use of software programs in order to improve business processes is the true essence and definition of digitalization. This revolutionary novelty makes the whole spectrum possible. It is not just about photos, boards, books in PDF, news that we read every day on phones and tablets, also, CT tomography and many diagnostic methods are based on the same principle.

Then the huge paperwork of each company was avoided, converted into electronic form and arranged in, easily accessible, files. Digitization reflected on the very principle of business, such as in marketing, raised it to a higher level, modernized, and significantly relieved.

What is digital marketing?

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Digital marketing, in its simplest form, is any online marketing. Everyone who deals with marketing knows how delicate and uncertain the job of promoting a brand, service, goods and their placement on the market is. Although the marketing professional world has maximally improved and continues to do so, still hitting the preferences and needs of potential business partners and the wider audience still looks like a careful walk in the dark.

Digital marketing, both targeted and strategic, is similar to traditional marketing. The difference is in the ways of advertising and presenting brands and the response, which is possible very quickly, if not immediately. Every review, like, download in PDF format, every interaction in the form of asking questions to interested Internet users, allows the formation of a clear picture of the quotation of what is presented and its advantages and disadvantages.

How to improve your business with digital marketing?

We have already stated that digital marketing is layered and encompasses many marketing processes. Former market research, through surveys, lengthy meetings, assumptions about the interests and tastes of the clientele, has involved a lengthy process and considerable time.

Every today’s appearance and advertising on Internet platforms (Facebook, You Tube, Instagram, Google search, Linkedin, Twitter…), various banners, gifs, videos, articles … all this makes the strategy and method of digital marketing. Ways you can help your general business, its expansion, increase profits, through digital marketing are as follows:

Define a brand

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Although it may sound like superfluous advice, which goes without saying, it is not. Designing a brand is an essential thing in your business. These are crucial questions to have valid answers to:

-how you define your brand or service

-what is what you essentially offer, what are the benefits of cooperating with you

-in which you are specific and unique

-what makes you different from the competition

– Clearly emphasize your views and the values ​​you stand for

Create a potential market

This step is extremely important. Good analysis, thinking, synchronized work of your experts in the company, should design their potential clientele.

– Who exactly are you talking to?

-what population, age, gender, level of education, their hobbies, jobs, goals

-how you would like them to assess your identity, how you see yourself, and how you would like them to see you.

These are fictitious personalities, groups and individuals, which the team should anticipate and analyze, through online surveys, advertisements and feedback posts. In this way, you help your marketing campaign to succeed and reach out to the population with whom it will establish business relationships.


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In this segment of marketing plan development, consider which methods would best place your brand. Of course, not every method is adequate for every brand. To avoid counter-effects, carefully choose what best suits your business.

-SEO (search engine optimization) is a type of procedure, where your website is optimized in order to be better ranked by search engines. Basically, this free traffic to your website is done through Google (except in China) and you can find more about importance of SEO as well as about other SEO-related things at this website.

-Content marketing: means creating one content that raises awareness and knowledge about your brand, way of doing business, traffic, customers. It is done by writing a blog or e-book. A blog is a short form, where you have to show in a small space how much you know about the problem, to what extent you are professional and able to express yourself and explain the essence of your business and its goals. The e-book is more detailed and intended for web visitors who are interested in more details and more information.

-Social networks, this is a well-known way of promoting and advertising various types of brands, goods, services. There are a small number of people who nowadays do not follow at least one social network. (Fb and Instagram are the most popular, then TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat, Linkedin, Pinterest ..) Your team should work on targeting the right group, if it succeeds, with minimal investment in return they get a lot.

PPC (Pay per Click) is one of the methods, which has proven to be very effective in practice. This is how you increase the frequency of your site, by paying, every time someone clicks on your ad. Google Ads is an example of this. Also, FB and Instagram have paid ads, which can be inserted into the Newsfeed. Linkedin has sponsored ads, which are sent only to certain users, who are deemed to have their business and interests close to what you are promoting.

Email marketing allows you to send sponsored ads directly to the email of potential users.


There is no more important item than your budget for your marketing campaign. Your company’s financial experts must carefully and realistically analyze the costs of the campaign and compare it with your budget. A good projection of the revenue-expenditure ratio is the only way for your campaign to succeed. It would be better to set aside a budget, just for marketing and manage it. Depending on your capabilities, you will also choose marketing methods.


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Every campaign must show a result. If your business and profits are good and you have shown growth and progress, you have done a good job. It happens that the campaign is not well designed and conceived so that it shows minimal or poor results.

You need to include statistics in the final analysis and result indicator. If you are not satisfied with the result, of course, you need to change your approach and create a new model and strategy for the campaign.


Advertising and promotion of brands and services through digital marketing are significantly facilitated. Their popularization and presence among a wide audience is incomparable compared to traditional marketing. These are all exceptional business benefits. However, you must keep in mind that too much information, advertising and brands can be unfavorable.

No one wants to be bombed and oversaturated with one brand. That is why effective presentation is important, and the frequency of its occurrence should be moderate, because excessiveness leads to intolerance and boredom and does not have the desired effect.

Borys Carpenter