Printing Custom Rigid Box Packaging for Limited Edition Eyelash Extensions
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Printing Custom Rigid Box Packaging for Limited Edition Eyelash Extensions

Have you been longing to become a cosmetic brand that customers commend and recommend? If you happen to have fake lashes that are one of their kind, label them as limited edition to make a compelling pitch to the eyelash enthusiasts. Investing in your packaging will pay you off in several ways, from boosting sales to enhancing consumer satisfaction levels. You can astutely utilize the boxes to create hype for the items. Creative lash boxes custom would pique the interest of shoppers. Communicative packaging would assist you with conveying targeted messages to the buyers for falsies. Riveting boxes carrying mink, silk, strip, and other eyelash extensions would compel the consumers to check out their features and formulation.

Interactive custom rigid box packaging would expedite the purchase process for customers. You can persuade them into considering the limited edition and combo offers that are must-haves for creating casual and formal makeup looks. Striking boxes would add glam to the products. A unique box idea would help you with endorsing the individuality of your brand. Seek the expertise of a printing professional for customizing your packaging contemporarily. If you don’t know a skilled printer, start looking for vendors online and locally. Get a few box manufacturers shortlisted and compare their turnaround, pricing, and techniques to choose the most competent one.

The Legacy Printing is lauded for its affordable, trendy, and timely custom packaging services. The printer has been offering cost-effective box solutions to retail, food, and other businesses for years now. The teams are trained with a professional and empathetic attitude to handle all sorts of customers, which is why you never face a problem interacting with the CS and sales agents. The printing company keeps pace with evolving trends and uses the most recent techniques for manufacturing different kinds of packaging. A talented graphic designer can prove helpful in giving your box artwork a revamp, or you can tell them to come up with new and enthralling artwork for the packaging. Printed items are delivered to clients according to the timeline mentioned in the order confirmation email. In case of unprecedented delays, you will be notified.

How to get your Custom Lash Boxes printed by this Printer?

The packaging manufacturer has helped many beauty brands with their box printing. Finest stocks are used for getting the packaging custom-made. If you don’t know much about the popularly used materials for retail boxes, ask the support reps for assistance, and they will guide you in detail about the specs of cardstock, kraft, and paperboard. Clients have the leverage to connect with the sales or CS agents through their preferred medium of communication. The response time is minimal. Usually, the questions sent through email are answered within 12 hours or so. You can call for a quick and real-time response. Template options for lash packaging can be viewed on the website. If you don’t like the designs, feel free to upload your file.  The box printing company has served the needs and inclinations of a diverse customer base. Client-centricity and being persistent with innovation are the service aspects that make this packaging provider worthy of your trust, time, and money.

There is a QA department that ensures finely printed boxes are shipped to the clients. The printer is quite flexible with bending and amending the rules for customer delight. Getting a price quote for your print job is quite simple and free of cost. You just have to fill in the required fields on the website form and hit the submit button. Rigid box packaging can be personalized as per your liking and budget. To know the terms and conditions about the refund, exchange, and reprinting, read up on the privacy policy section. If you are unable to find details that you are looking for, chat with a sales rep.

Here are tips on impressionable printing for limited edition eyelash extensions!

Use an Aesthetically Delighting Packaging Design

Since most of the shoppers for falsies are women, brief the graphics team on their demographics and psychographics. This would help them come up with artwork variations that are likely to attract your target audience. Have the designs for different fake eyelashes’ boxes made with entrancing pictorial details. The text should be short and sweet. A catchy one-liner about each of the offers would leave the customers curious to know more.

Enduring Lash Boxes Custom

Packaging for falsies should be resilient to provide resistance against moisture, shock, dust, and other tampering factors. Ask the printer about the stock choices and pick one that enhances the shelf-life of the boxes for lashes. Some finishing options to consider for your packaging are embossing, debossing, raised ink, UV coating, and glossy/matte lamination.

Use Packaging for Expediting Product Usage and Storage

Lash users would need assistance when buying the falsies, applying, and keeping the reusable ones safe. The boxes must have insightful information about the products, like their ingredients and instructions on using them correctly. Rigid box packaging should have all the details that help consumers with using eyelash extensions.

Providing the buyers their favorite items in enlightening packaging would get your brand admiration. This would also give you repeat shoppers and word-of-mouth referrals.

Endorse your Brand’s Expertise and Experience

How do you define your business? What kind of personality your cosmetic company has? What are the core values that make your brand a distinguished one? Curate content for lash boxes custom that gives an account of all this info to the buyers. List the specifications of your products that make them worth buying, like if the falsies are made of organic and chemical-free components. Build rapport with existing and new customers by elucidating on your consumer-centric approach through packaging.

Tell lash veterans about the number of years you have been wooing them with amazing products. List the names of top-notch lash salons and makeup artists that vouch for your mink and other falsies.

Boxes should be user-friendly so that customers don’t have a hard time taking out the lashes and carrying/placing them. Mention any possible allergens in the fake lashes or fixing glue that can cause redness to the eyes. Packaging showcasing your social media profile links and contact details would help improve interactions with the shoppers through Facebook, Instagram, and other channels.

Have inserts printed and placed within the boxes to ensure the ultimate safety of the products. Your official website’s address and contact information on rigid box packaging would help the digital shoppers to place their orders as they please. Boxes with names of your top-sellers and recommendations/reviews from celebs and influencers would aid with magnifying the impact of your promotional and marketing efforts

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